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Enutrof decks and archetypes

By Ozardo May 15, 2018, 06:19:54

Hey, guys, how do you play Enutrof? What archetype do you enjoy playing most:

- Aggro,
- Drhellers,
- Loot,
- Mill,
- Necronomigore,
- Anything else?

I've been trying to make a competitive Enutrof deck for months but I still can't choose anything specific biggrin Drhellzerker mechanics, Dofus damage with loot, necro minions, direct damage spells - everything seems so strong and useful.

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I really like my Loot deck, but I don't play enough to speak about higher ranks, so I can't say, if it is really competitive.

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I think that loot is by far the most competitive of them all but it requires a lot of draw power and i find it a bit too fragile, sometimes you need to rely on luck to hit the right Dofus before your opponent finishes you off. Here's my deck: krosmahub

I personally enjoy playing midrange decks focused on abusing prime of life to take the opponent by surprise, but i never managed to make an effective build, maybe it's because just prime of life isn't enough and i can't rely on drawing it so i could stand a chance. I also like to throw shovels on people's face. lol

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I find it difficult to keep much loot on the board. There was a match where I used:

In The Bag -> Haven Bag -> Bakara -> Haven Bag

This combo took 3 turns and destroyed 2 Dofus but it's very difficult to set up, opponents are trying to steal some loot all the time. Loot is pretty unstable as a winning condition and it overloads my hand often. I tried to add Necronomigore as an alternative winning condition, my hand began to overload even more.

Probably we could add chests for safe loot generation (for example, Small Chest can gather prisms and counter Lethal Trap while leaving loot). We can make Prancing Chimera work since we use so many loot spells. Greed can also work well when we have a full hand. Any thoughts?

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