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How to make a sram deck?

By SacChrisp#5222 February 18, 2018, 19:33:09

Hi everyone, so im fairly new to this game and i like the sram class the most. Which infinites should i try to craft to play a controlish sram deck, right now i have lilotte, lou, noximilian, indie, kerub, remingtom, archam (2 stars), , count harebourg, Little ogrest, percedal, bump, kriss krass and jahash. I think i got pretty lucky with my packs cause i got a lot of infinites. I also have 4400 dust. So first of all: which control sram is good at the moment, which infinites should i craft. How can i play it Budget with the infinites i have (and which krosmic, rare, uncommon, and uncommon are vital). Which packs should i buy or should i play draft?. 

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Depends on the type of control you are looking for. My sram deck is a mill control that focuses on sending minions back to the owners hand and then draining the opponents deck down to 0 to do damage to all dofus.

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What kind of control sram exist? i dont know if im interested in a mill deck

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Wait sram is still a playable class?

Sorry... Sorry I completely forgot sram existed for a moment. Honest mistake.

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I figured you would be a pro sram player. Just like that sadida deck you have.

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NOTE: I am not actually a Sram expert.

Like jumadjinn says, Sram decks aren't necessarily optimal for control, other than mill, because sram is spectacular at killing enemy minions and putting cards into the graveyard. Put those two effects together and your goal becomes stopping your opponent from doing anything until they run out of cards entirely and die to their empty draws damaging their dofus. (Some people consider mill and control to be separate deck types, though they have similarities.)

I agree with jumadjinn that Spectral Duelist is one of sram's best control tools, especially when combo'd with the card bled dry, which is one of the most reliable board wipes in all of krosmaga, if not the most reliable one.

The key to pretty much all effective sram decks that I've seen is building ways to efficiently remove your opponent's minions. This is good for all archetypes. Sram has cards that reduce enemy hp to 1 (sellar noob, bled dry), and your job is to figure out how to best take advantage of that HP reduction. Some people run black tiwabbit/black wabbit. Some people run ranged minions. Some people run master shuudoku for shield. Some people try use utility minions like glai or blue larva to trade. (blue larva may not be the best for sram control. Not sure.) If you want to run a good sram deck, you need to think about this and make sure you have cards that you can use to benefit from this ability.

The infinites I'd run in a sram control deck that you already have are probably: Jahash, remington, little ogrest,  indie, and the rest of them are of similar overall quality for this type of deck. Remington and ogrest both combo well with sram's health-reduction cards.


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I also enjoy using necro combinations I. My mill deck. So I have two win strategies besides destroying dofus. That's mill and then necro. This is because the necro cards have good tools to Foster mill decks.

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As jumadjinn and Fracastador said, Sram was built for a mill type, but in fact, Sram's true potential is felt while used in a Midrange Punitive Style. 

[Jypp] , [Grieving Executor] , [Spectral Duelist] and [Gaston Bo] are parts of thoses srams cards you want to craft first.
[Sacrefly] , [Black Tiwabbit] and [Black Wabbit] are also quite useful.
And, IMHO, [Kriss Krass] and [Echo] are the best infinites in a Sram deck, the first one for its resilience with [Second Wind] help (wich means one more Gobbowl Ball every time he dies), and the second for it's synergy with [Weakening].

Just pay attention to your deck and graveyard (to not mill yourself or banish cards you'll need later).

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try to use goultard celestial scaraleaf and tormented lily especially prine lackbeard and boom your overpowered sram

use krosmic arachnees and psychopath maskemane

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