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Show your Sadida decks

By Oanhanhon#4038 February 14, 2018, 04:49:35

Eh, that so expected update is already up, most of the Sadida cards were revamped in order to make him more competitive, but what are your thoughts about all of this so far? 
You don't need to answer right now, take your time, analise, play him, after all, this is the only way to give a reliable feedback about the class. 
Personally I don't know what to do with him, I still don't have his krosfinite card, which is a core card, the only thing I know is that there's an absurdly broken combo with Seeden Impulse and Dolly Sacrifice.

Also, the only thing I could do so far is build this wonky deck, I've already managed to achieve a single win in unranked against a poor Enutrof who was just trying to complete the event (he was playing ghouls, pretty tough match actually).

(Observe that Glai is the only neutral card that is not an infinity or Krosmic, yeah, I'm pretty bad at building decks, actually I just throw everyting that I find useful and call it a day.) The purpose was to build a midrange deck because I enjoy playing midrange decks.

Finally, I think that they made a very good job revisiting Sadida, sure, some cards might need to be adjusted, but so far, it's a very well done work. 
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I used to use the large-cost-cards with the Fertilizer card and seeds, so it's less viable now, but I still feel like Chimera's are the way to go. Botany and Amalia's healing doll is a nice combo, and I feel like I generally have an answer to most decks, unless they're early rush decks, or unless I dont get any combos/useful cards.

I've been using this deck (with some variations) as my main deck for several months now, but I've never made it to rank 20. I feel like it's pretty OK tho. I'd be glad for feedback too!
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try to use pollination and sacrificial seeds for better combo with enemy mions that has 3 hp less w/o armour

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This is the ideal Sadida deck. You may not like it,
But this is what peak performance looks like.

TheDove|2018-02-17 05:04:13
I use Pampastuc to activate Arachnee's MP bonus.

Grats on your hard-earned 1/1/4.
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Have you ever been more serious about a deck?

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try not to use some expensive minions to create a anti-nerve situations like larch and goultard or even count harebourg to harvest all AP and lou to reappear and alabirachnee to return a minion

no pollination is present it is very effective especially if you have selk ator too

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