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Razy Xelor sinistro spell deck (18spells, 27minions)

By razfallow#9473 November 22, 2016, 18:43:19

Xelor's cards Desynchronization - 3x
Frostbite - 1x
Clock - 1x
Hand - 3x
Missis Frezze 3x
Sarcophagus 3x
Temporal Burn 3x
Sinistro 2x
Ayt Diod 3x
Miss Night 1x
Teleportation 2x
Instantina 1x
Lou 1x
Nox 1x
Kerub The Adventurer 1x
Neutrals Blue Larva 1x
Standart-Bearing wishperers 1x
Trubout 1x
Decepticod 1x
Pet Dehller 2x
Strich 1x
Crackler 2x
Saguaro 2x
Taur 1x
Wobot 07 2x
Big Wishperer Crackler 1x

I made this deck from cards i actually have.
This deck is weak against lot of big minions.
u have always cards to play thanks to Sarcophagus/dwehller and Blue Larva.

My strategy is to destroy enemy dofus with Sinistro and mines if minions survive then also with minions.    ( Mine>Card draw>AP reserve (not always,but mine goal is to get lot of mines) and control enemy minions with DMG spells. 

My next goal is to get combo : Badgoat + Badenalty - 7mana, deal at least 1dmg to 1enemy dofus. - Swap with 1x Ayt Diod and 1x Frostbite.
And trying to get cards which will destroy enemy's mines so he cant destroy my sinistro.

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Score : 679

Great Deck tongue, I'm looking for a kind of Timekeeper focused Deck. It's gonna be hard to build, but that's the fun biggrin

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Score : 279

I really like using Timekeeper, it saved me a lot of times.
But sometimes i ask myself if it isnt too much trouble to play only 1 card =(

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Score : 279

I think you should put some cards to destroy/steal the enemy prisms, steal the curses and your opponent will have a hard time breaking the sinistros =D

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Score : 679

Another suggestion would be Adding "switch dofus positions" cards like Ush, in order to pronlongate the effect of a Sinistro.

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Score : 102

 no timekeeper bruh

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