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Good deck to use with midgin set?

By Heartbank#7086 July 09, 2017, 20:28:59

I'm trying my best to win with Enripsa but I keep losing in the last moments of the game.  I remember I got a sram down to 3 cards only to never draw a new minion again and he took two Dofus in one go.  Honestly, I'm sick of winning, I need a deck that wins, especially if it can be done with midgins since I purchased the whole set.  Is there a deck that works best with midgins?

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Midgins aren't really an archetype. Off hand, I can't think of a deck that wants all of them.
They're each utility cards designed for different circumstances. They don't play particularly well together.
Different decks want different midgins, usually, but most decks probably don't want that many of them.
If you run all of them, your minions are mostly going to be smaller per cost than your opponents minions, which will make combat difficult.
One of rushu's biggest weaknesses is that he runs nearly all midgins, which means that your minions can usually beat his in combat one on one.
I've got various midgins in most of my decks, but nearly all of them run midgin knight, due to his sheer utility on both offense and defense.

Personally, though. I think you missed out on beating rushu to get the midgin cards one at a time. I thought it was a fun challenge, and it's a lot more gold-efficient if you can figure out how to win consistently.

If you give us your decklist, we might be able to help you out. Though we may end up suggesting cards you don't have, we can give you at least a sense of the types of things your deck is missing.

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Hi, i could give you my Eniripsa deck, i'm not running any Midgins (lie, i have priestesses and the prince) but i'm getting pretty good results when it come to winning. Got to rank 16, but i have the sensation i can get further. Don't know about the choice of Infinites and etc though. I have the game in Spanish, so i'll try my best to make cards understandable

X3 Empathy
X3 Pain Flask
X3 3 Mana 2/3 Draw a card on apparition
X1 Eniresurrection
X3 4 Mana 2/4 Swap attack with another minion
X3 4 Mana 3/4 Heal 3 health on apparition
X3 Happy Peacekeeper
X3 Corrupted Healer
X1 Tranquilizing Hero
X3 6 Mana 3/6 Change the attack of a minion to be equal to its hp
X3 Apostole (The other Necro)
X1 Zaldior
X1 Attraction
X1 Nox 1
X1 Indi 1
X1 Marline 1
X3 2 Mana 3/3
X1 Count Rolbac (idk the name) 1
X3 Priestess of the Headdress
X1 Jahash 1
X1 Leader:+1 Pm to minions
X1 Migdin Prince
X1 Major arakna

2nd and 3rd starting botttom are the cards less secure i feel about in the deck


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hello im sorry for the late translation it is about 3 years from now but here it is

pain flask
malb aroma
asprogik fousand
cheerful peacemaker
corrupted healer
soothing hero
dozeless acid
necrotized apostle
seduction (attraction is a aacri spell)
nox 1 (death adds 2 AP/PA to your reserve
indie1 (death put the first infinite from your deck to your hand it cost 1 AP/PA less)
marline 1( trades with a minikn with 2 atk or less
count harebourg 3( brotherhood appearance destroys the opponent's prisms
priestest of the haircut heals a minion and give it 1 armor and hairdo heals a minion and gives it 1 atk
Jahash 1(appearance put the first spell in your deck tou your hand it cost 2 AP/PA less
Granbo Chief (Leader gives 1 MP to your other minions
prince lackbeard(counterattack retrieves the last minion that went to your discard pile)
Major Arachnee (appearance returns a minion on your side to its owners hand


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