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Budget Sadida crowd buff (no frog)

By Atticor May 10, 2017, 01:34:21

A little budget list of Sadida. Only absolutely necessary Rares, no Krosmics, no Infinites, Dungeon wings 2 and 3 (you really need to buy those sooner or later).

This is definitely not an easy list though!
In this version this deck can win in this version at rank 11 at least(haven't played that much ranked neither this month nor last). I played a list thats a bit more expensive at 15 with good sucess last month. I highly recommend using some other cards, if you have them. Also you can change the type of deck a bit by some changes if it fits your playstyle better then.

Spoiler (click here to show spoiler)

everything 3 time:
Klor Ofill
Li Crouch
Grean Peace
Wild whispers
Sylvian Power
Black Tiwabbit
Blue Larva
Midgin Bruiser
Priestess of the ..
Demonic Rose
Midgin Chopper

Elmer - if you don't want Li Crouch or use Seeds for Granuile f.e. (Granuile has a heavy cost, but can win games)
Grinch - definitely
Musshd - i have no idea, + can't try
green larva - not really this type of deck, but possibly good
Master Shudoku - haven't tried, but the appeareance should be good enough to use it for 4 AP

Az - well he's technically  much better version of a card already included
Rouflee - i don't have but obviously insane with buff, and you can give him +1HP with a Seed too
Flopin - busted
Golden wild sow - i had an opponent playing him and then i buffed all my Minions, you should probably wait till you can play a buff afterwards
Prince whatever (Lackbeard?) - possible, can give you a few more turns, won't protect you from a real mill-sram though

Well you won't get punished in Krosmaga for including busted ones i guess.
But i don't think the brotherhood of the tofu fits in well. Bakara* is enough to get another buff, i really like Kerubim, generally play the little ones. Nox* i don't think fits because it get's you AP when you can't buff him anymore, later the AP is not needed.

- you only have limited seeds so don't overdue their synergy, i don't think you can use bag od seeds here.
- you really need this much carddraw
- you can change eveything else, i played without the Leader +1AT guys and without the roses f.e.
- 5 extra cards with a 5-AP cost should be fine
- don't use your AP-storage to simply curve out, the crowdbuffs cost quite a bit and you wanna play a minion still if possible
- i tried some more cards too and can think about others so feel free to ask! Or just try!
- to get how the deck works you should probably play a few games before making changes
See you!
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I don't like this list. Basically because anything can win better at rank 11 than Sadida.  But it isn't your fault - Sadida is just fundamentally flawed so long as every individual seed AND curse takes up a spot in your hand - also so long as blue larva is every try-harders auto include choice for card draw.

I have tried Sadida and in my version I use bush + Miranda + Alibert*** to get easy dofus kills in a way that no other class can do.  But my hand is always over filled and it isn't a deck that feels very good at all.

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It's not too common to overdraw with this, else i'd include less draw. And i only care if i only have minions and no buff.
And i know that you can build anything together with broken 3star infinites, i see it more than enough(mostly yugo2, adamai2 eva3 and percidal3). But first the two cards you mentioned probably cost more than this whole deck. And second i have a nice winrate and fun, so. (it's very satisfying beating those)
a little question out of curiosity, did you try it?:blink:

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