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Eniripsa woes

By TheRedMonk#3188 October 20, 2016, 01:47:18

Watching your opponent get the perfect opening while you draw nothing but heal spells.

Post your own!

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Me too, testing Eni, I have my hand full of spells but nothing to summon, I think that is building stuff only

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After getting by with the starter enripsa deck, I've modified mine into something workable. If memory serves, 77% of my deck is summons and the rest are spells but most of the summons are class specific which gets a body on the field and generally offers an armor boost or heal. Combos are good once you have unlocked more cards. smile

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The way I've been playing is kind of sustain...with +at+mp cards/summons and then the healing spells to keep them alive with the few eni summons that i have. Eni is not my fav deck i must say.

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Eni cards have some pretty abysmal statlines. Sure, they have great effects, but most of them are stupidly situational. 3 cost 1/3 that buffs only when you can heal another unit, which is rare and far between. 6 costs 2/6 that lets you draw a card when you heal a unit. This is the same cost as a Taur, which walks all over this unit. Given that Enis only have ONE spell damage option to them, also having horrible stat lines is just silly.

Eni cards need flat stat buffs. They either need vastly increased health to go with the healer theme, or vastly more damage. They just get crushed by aggro decks.

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Just take less spells and more neutral cards. U dont have to take evry single class card tho. with the right balance and the right neutral monsters it can be decent. Only the lack of removals causes problems sometimes.

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I think that using only dofus healing, silence, attack swap and +2 armor to allies spells is helpful. With units like kralove and eniripsa class healers, you can both heal and fight at the same time.But to be on topic, since I consider Eni to be the queen of favorable trades, things like adamai 2*, arachnees and teleports can really annoy me.

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Plus the heal 5 hp is kinda absurd to begin with because its full effect will rarely be played. Not many minions have over 5 hp so usually it just ends up only healing for 2 or 3 hp. Which you can get the same effect from certain minions. I like making Enri a control deck with slow but beefy minions or going the wabbit route.

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I think that the initial deck of Eni is one of the weakest, the better cards for eniripsa are rare/krosmic and without them you just have a lot of weak monsters and spells to heal those weak monsters.
But once you get your hands on those annoying spells/minions, the strongest your enemy the more they will cry once you steal his power =P

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Don't overload your deck with spell heals, prioritize minions that heal over spell heals to avoid situations like this. Eni is very reliant on getting a good balance on spells-minions as they work so well in synergy but quite badly without

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+1ap -> [Az] -> [Psykosis Flask]

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Eniripsa is well balanced actually .
I like her , you just need to get the right stuff at the right time. 
Like i did and got the minion in the end who changed the current of the game and i won because of her effect.   Very nice Goddess , still trying to get more powerful spells or cards for her.

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I have the opposite problem playing against her. She comes out with 1/5 or 2/4 over and over and over with healings all day long and so I'm pretty much cooked within 10 moves. 

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Eni without support is really weak. Often it requires a setup, and you can easily break that setup. It might require making sacrifices. As a tanky stall eni player, most of the time I lose to aggro decks... even to aggro eni decks. But afterwards I have like 40% winrates. This is due to how I play for fun and use not very efficient cards. Though my deck is really strong endgame if none of my dofuses are damaged. 

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eniripsa is way more OP in the current meta i think

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