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my account cant add friends and cant see my friends after the server maintenance

By AedanVelarde#8555 May 21, 2021, 16:16:12
ever since the server restarted (i am only playing in mobile) i cant play the game in uninstall it and it doesn`t work until the 2nd time i uninstall the game but i can play it on the computer but not in mobile i logged my account in my tablet (the game was installed awhile ago) i inserted my account and then my account is just like a guest account i can`t add friends and i can`t see my friend if they are active or inactiveit also affects in my computer. Pls fix this problem i can`t understand why this is happening its like my account is being verified again (it took me 2 months to verify my ankama account) this is my only concern
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