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[iOS] Certain minions do not get displayed when placed on the board.

By DarkSomethin#4502 November 01, 2020, 18:53:56
I don't know all of the cards that have this bug but these are the ones that I have seen so far:
Gary Boole
Puddly House
This has been the case since 1.15.2 and I haven't seen anyone talk about it.
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greetings to the world of krosmaga
tiring on waiting for a fix to occur regarding invisible creatures I thought I would look to the forums
and there it is a complaint about invisible creatures on the board and only a week ago
I also don't know the extent of the bug
golden young wild boar
also are on the list above
since the 1.15.2 patch
and one other whinge
apple phone users have an up swipe that opens all open screens
which is damn annoying to play cards around but especially when trying to use your AP reserve while you have seeds in your reserve playing as sadida, many times have I missed a go because of not being able to add those reserve points
this bug has been there since the game started as far as I am aware as I have been playing this game for years
please come back and fix a few things
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