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2 Siphos in one game create an infinite loop

By Evlinne#7858 June 27, 2020, 00:02:19
In a draft match, I got 2 Sipho cards. Playing both of them in one turn resulted in an infinite transformation loop and stalling the timer. I tried to resolve this by playing Mishell*, but that did not stop the loop on my end, so I had to close the mobile app and re-open.
The game continued, but the turn timer was not working properly for 2 or 3 turns after that.

Played on Android, the latest version, to my knowledge.

It's a rare coincidence, but maybe something worth looking into?

Edit: one of Siphos was already in Transformed form, as I got the card by Bellaphone mechanic.
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I had the same issue. When the opponent summoned another Sipho (mine was in the 3/3 form), both started transforming in an infinite loop.
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I just encountered this bug in a ranked match on PC. I thought it was kind of funny but I didn't want to waste my opponent's time and surrendered.

Having encountered this bug again, it actually causes further errors. After maybe 5 minutes, one Sipho will disappear, and later on in the match a random minions HP will rapidly drain until it dies. This occurred to me during a match against a Sadida player, and if I remember it was his Kolo Kolko that died as a result.
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