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bad descriptions

By Lifewill#3077 June 23, 2018, 22:18:20
1.there is a problem with vamrypo's description.
it says that it reduces the cost of the spells IN YOUR DECK but in actuality it reduces the cost of the spells and courses both in your deck and hand.

2.i don't think that silencing stolen minions should negate their control.
today i discovered that if i silence a minion whose control has changed with a card like psychosis flask and seduction the of that minion returns to my opponent.
either make it so silence does not affect the control of the minions or fix the description of silence so it includes that it returns minions to their original owner.

dammit i posted this to the wrong forum
i meant to post it to the one for bugs and troubles on the computer
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1 Curse is a spell. but you are right it should clarify it also affects card in your hand.

2 Silence breaking "take control of minion" spells and abilities is fine, but if its a thing it should be kept consistent. Sometimes silencing controlled minions returns them to thier owners control, sometimes it does not.
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