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Saint Patrick's day event

By jumadjinn#7888 March 16, 2018, 17:05:36

I just completed the saint Patrick's day event but I have not received the reward. In my card list it says I have one new card but when I go to it, it is completely empty. I tried looking for the card through the general settings but couldn't find it either.

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A bit late to the party, since the event is completed, but anyway! 

We had a bug which made the card invisible (and impossible to select) when the event was first released. We patched it during the same day: it was a mandatory update on PC/Mac, and an optional one on Android. As for iOS, since the review process is slower, the patch has not been active yet, but will be soon.  

In any case, this will be definitely fixed in the next patch. In the meantime, your cards are part of your collection. If you have trouble accessing it on mobile devices, try checking for updates. smile

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