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Mobile version is nearly unplayable

By Dethmaw#4013 April 05, 2017, 21:44:15
  • Title -> I've played a few games on my Nexus 6P recently and have had some serious issues
  • Game version -> Latest Mobile Version (just installed it a few days ago)
  • OS version of your computer - Android Phone with 7.1.1 installed
  • Time and date of encounter - April 3rd and 4th respectively
  • Description of the problem -> First game: Despite being connected to WiFi, I was disconnected several times during my first game - which led to some interesting issues. The only way I could get back to the game is to shut down the app and load it back up. When I got back into the ongoing game there were random lanes on the board that I could no longer place units on. The spaces were simply grayed out and I was not able to place a unit in those particular lanes and the only lanes that were lit up (indicating that you could place a unit there) had no availble spaces. This continued on for the rest of the game which I, of course, lost very quickly since 3/5 lanes could not have units placed.
  • Second Game: No disconnections this time. However, while playing as Xelor, the card  Dente Letyme glitched out. It said that I could play it for 0 when I had less than 5 AP in reserve - then when I went to play it, the card image itself just got stuck on the battle field with no unit actually be placed. On the next turn, every card in my hand was glitched out to the point where I could literally do nothing. The card would highlight when I pressed it but it wouldn't "zoom in" and it would not allow me to play the cards. I had to shut down the game and restart it...and by the time I got back in, I had completely lost a turn. Fun fact, despite all this I still won the game!
  • What should happen -> These issues shouldn't happen (sorry for the obvious statement, just not sure what else to write here)
  • Reproduction rate -> Both games had serious bugs - I honestly can't get myself to play more games on mobile with these issues so, I can't confirm that they can be reproduced easily. 
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