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The Frozen Arena: T-minus 3 days

By #[Poupik]#1109 January 25, 2017, 17:40:45
AnkaTracker Announcements

Only a few days before the fight begins! 128 players are on the starting blocks, ready to compete in the first official Krosmaga tournament. And you can watch all of this directly from your couch! Get your pop-corn ready, everything is happening on our Krosmaga Twitch channel, in partnership with Gamers origin and Millenium.  

You were many to register for our tournament, almost 1000 in fact! And to think we hesitated between 64 and 128 players… This comforts us in the idea that we need to organize another tournament soon, in which we will no longer use the “first come first served” selection of contestants, but rather a random selection amongst registered players.

A few more details

On the Ankama side of things, there will be 3 of us to watch over the event: [Nedab], [Kylls] and myself, [Poupik]. We will be helped in our task by five referees who kindly offered their services: Blou-Fire, Crystauw, Feta, FoxRecon and Hernex. Each referee will be tasked with a certain number of matches to watch, therefore, players will have to contact their assigned referee whenever needed.
If you’ve already received the confirmation e-mail for your entry to the tournament, then you’ll have a few things to do until then:

  • Confirm your attendance to the tournament with [Nedab] on Saturday morning. Be it by mail, through Twitter, with a direct message on Discord or by carrier pigeon, we need to have a confirmation of your participation between 10:00 AM and 1:00 PM (GMT+1, check your local time). If at 1:01 PM we have not received your confirmation, then your place will be given to another player.
  • Enter your results directly on Toornament as soon as you finish your match. Right here in the “matches” folder! Be assured than if there’s trouble, we are able to check the veracity of the results.
  • If you’re going as far as the quarter finals, add your assigned referee as a friend on Krosmaga. Your referee will be the one to manage your picked and banned decks, so need to have a way to interact with them. While most of your discussions will happen directly in-game, we will also put a special channel on Discord where staff members, players and referees alike can talk together. You will just have to give your Discord handle to [Nedab] or [Poupik] so we can add you to this channel.
You will get these information, along with your referee’s name for your first match directly by e-mail: don’t forget to check your inbox! To make it easier, we will proceed by alphabetical order:
Blou-Fire will taje care of the first 10 matchs, Crystauw the next 10, Feta the 10 after, FoxRecon the next 10 and Hernex the final 10. [Nedab] will handle the few matches left on the first bracket group.
If you’re currently on the waiting list, you still have a chance to be selected for the tournament. We will contact you through e-mail on Saturday between 1:00 and 2:00 PM to ask for your availability. So check your inbox used to register to the tournament frequently on that fateful day!

We remind you that this tournament works with a system of double Bracket groups (in BO1), while the finals will use the “Conquest” rules in BO3, and the big final will be in BO5! You can read all about it here.

What about the stream?

For this first tournament, we’re happy to have the help from Millenium and Gamers origin! The tournament will be entirely streamed on our official Krosmaga Twitch channel on both Saturday and Sunday. Profesionnal casters like Bable, Proto and Jeffrey will comment your games along with Krosmaga players such as Eaque, Midl and Elli. They will reward the audience with gifts like booster packs or Noxine codes during the stream, and they all look pumped about this event!

If you don’t have access to the stream, don’t hesitate to follow us on Twitter, we will frequently give out info about the tournament there.

We hope to see many of you cheering for our players! See you on Saturday! :)

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First Ankama intervention

Replying to KoenH

The Discord links have been fixed for a permanent one, thank you for noticing. smile

See message in context
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Nicely done, looking forward to it.
*Make sure to post this announcement on both Wakfu and Dofus' sites as well. ;3

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So everything will be in French? 

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The commenters on the stream will speak mostly French, yes.  

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Molaría que estuviera en castellano xdd

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i really hope that the stream will be at least in English

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Your hopes and dreams will be crushed muwahahahaha

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Hey Ankama staff. Your Discord link has expired. you should set a checkmark next to ''Set this link to never expire'' when your trying to get an invite url from Discord. Now i can't contact Nebab.

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The Discord links have been fixed for a permanent one, thank you for noticing. smile

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Ankama needs to start giving more attention to other communities as well. Over 90% of participants are French; I think I only saw one participant from the whole NA community, that's sad. I'm still excited tho, I've seen some pretty damn impressive decks from some of the top 16, looking forward to the weekend

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100% were French, meaning a few people from Belgium and French Canada.
Also not a single match was played with either Ecaflip or Sadida, 98% of the matches was Iop, Cra, Sram and Xelor

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I'm hardly surprised, thanks for the information. I might watch the stream at some point, but the whole 100% French thing means most things will go over my head.

Any cool giveaways?

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To any interested here are the gods played in the tournament:

Gods Pick Ban
Iop 23 16
Eniripsa 15 2
Sacrieur 6 0
Xélor 14 3
Crâ 14 2
Sram 20 7

As I mentioned earlier no one played as either Ecaflip or Sadida.
I really hope Ankama will use this tournament as reference point to make further updates

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There was Ecas on the first day.

Granted, the casters couldn't show every game.. so there could've been more Ecas and perhaps even some Sadidas.

Hopefully the CM's post up a break down of the tournament stats, here on the NA site, like they did on the French side.

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Any way to see the decklists for the entries? Or at least for the two people in the finale?

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yo deje el juego porque 4 de cada 5 peleas son ocras y es un spam horrible

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