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[Online Tournament] Gods Awakening

By GO-Midl#8780 December 06, 2016, 18:04:55

« Hello friends !
Aren't you tired of battles without challenge ?
What about getting to the next level ?!
Now that we can defy our friends, we can do what we know the best : Brawl each other !
To the occasion, I organize a tournament called "God's Awakening" and we'll see who's the best ! »


Important informations :
  • The tournament will proceed on Krosmaga, through the Friends / Defy feature.
  • The registration will occur on Toornament : already used during major eSport events.
  • The tournament will take place during the Week end of December 17th :
    • Saturday, 17th December at 4 p.m. : Qualifiers (BO1)
    • [*]Sunday, 18th December at 3 p.m. : Playoffs (BO3)
      Schedules may change in the following days. Please check this post regulary.
  • Communication will take place on the French Krosmaga Community Discord and on Twitter (@Midl_Jiv, @wynu59 & @_Pantalemon)

Registration :
    [*]Registrations will only be on the Toornament website, at the following link : 
    Each participants will have to respect the following nickname format : "Nickname (Ankama Games' Nickname)"
    In the case where your Ankama Games' Nickname matchs your nickname, you won't have to specify it twice.
  • There is no registration fee nor level requierement.
  • The registration will be opened from 7th December at 7:42 p.m. to 15th december at 11:42 p.m. Paris TimeZone (GMT +1)
  • The tournament will have 32 slots.

Regulations :
  • Exclusive cards are prohibited : Noxines, Christmas exclusive cards...
  • Once started, a match can't be launched again nor paused, even if a bug occurs or if there's a connexion problem.
  • Every participant, commentators or organisators owe respect to each other and to the rest of humanity ; any insult or provocation will be punished.
  • Once a match is announced, the participants will have 10 minutes to launch the match. If after 8 minutes your adversary doesn't show any sign of an answer, you'll have to contact a referee to find a solution. After 10 minutes, the remaining participant will be sanctioned by a delay penalty. At the 15 minuts mark, he will be forfeit.
  • A participant with 3 delay penalty or 2 forfeits will be disqualified.
  • Once a match finished, the winner will have to take a screenshot of his victory and will add his result on Toornament. If a result is wrong, please contact the referees with the screenshot of his victory. If no clue is given, the first result will remain.
  • Every players can use any of his decks at any time, if it doesn't have an exclusive card.

Tournament progress

The tournament will have 2 phases : a qualifier phase (Saturday), with a best-of-1 swiss system, and a play off phase with a best-of-3 direct elimination system. For the matchings, we'll use the automatic matching system of Toornament.

Each victory will grant you 3 SP (Swiss points), a draw will give you 1 SP to each players and a defeat will grant you 0 PS. The Swiss points have top-priority for the rankings.
To distinguish the ones that have the same amount of swiss points, we'll add some other systems :
    [*]A victory at higher rank will give you "more points" than a victory at lower ones.
    For exemple : Someone that goes from 3V/0L to 3V/1L will be higher ranked than someone that goes from 2V/1L to 3V/1L.
  • If there's still some ties, we'll use the Median Buchholz System : It's the addition of the swiss points of every adversaries minus the highest one and the lowest one.
  • In the extremly rare case where, at the end of the qualifier phase, there's still no way to distinguish 2 or more participants, some more matchs between them will be done.

To be sure that every rounds will be done in time, we've decided to do have a time limit to each rounds. Since a match can go up to 40 minutes, we've decided that a round will last 50 minutes top. If a result is not given after 50 minutes, the match will be considered draw.

The play offs will follows the following tree :

Rounds progress :

Once a round is announced, all participants must add their adversaries to his friends list, so he can defy him, that's why the Ankama Games' nickname on toornament matters. The referees will check every participants after each inscription, to see if they are reachable in game. If someone can't be reached because his toornament nickname isn't explicit to his Ankama Games' nickname, we may contact him to ask a change in his Toornament nickname. If, after a given delay, the nickname remain unchanged or no answer is given, we may unregister him from the tournament.
Once a round is finished, each winners will have to save a screenshot of his winning screen and report the result on Toornament. The participants will have to wait for all the matchs to be done and all the results to be reported.
Every matchs that will not be reported as done on Toornament after 50 minutes will be considered drawn.

Playoffs progress :

The playoffs will be played in best-of-3 (BO3). When a match is done, the participants will have 10 minuts to begin the next match. After 10 minutes, all delay rules will apply.
There is no time limit for the matchs.

All the matchs will be in direct elimination : the winners will go to the next step when the losers will be out of the tournament. The loser bracket of the semi finales will match each-other to set the top 3.


Streaming :

To offer more visibility to the game, streams will be deployed to broadcast part of the matchs. We'll ask to every participants to turn on the spectator option.
Moreover, it would be judicious that every streams uses an overlay to cover the Dofus and cards while streaming, to prevent streamhacks.
Streaming partnership :

Every streams, if they want to, can broadcast any match as they please. However, a streaming partnership system will exist. The goal is to select some streams that we will put forward, so the broadcast of the game can be used as a showcase for the game. Those streams will get highlighted and we'll establish some coordination between the streams, so they don't broadcast the same matchs.
Parnet streams will have to add an overlay to hide the players Dofus position and cards. Of course, they have to broadcast other players, so they have not to participate themselves to the tournament.

If your want to apply for a partnership, please contact us at the followin informations :
  1. Stream name
  2. Stream link
  3. A brief presentation
  4. A link to a Krosmaga video you made

You have until Tuesday, 13th December at 11:42 p.m. to apply. We'll announce the partner streams Thursday, 15th December.

Some preventive words :

To prevent streamhack/spectator'hack, please don't add just anyboy to your friendlist. Invite only the necessary : your betrusted friends, the streams that hides your informations and your adversaries.


Ofcourse, we wish to reward the top players of our ladder. For now, we're waiting for Ankama to confirm our demands, we can't tell more about it for now.
​​​​​​​Stay tuned !
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Sweet, I was wondering when a tournement would occur since there are many card exclusive to them. However only who has 3 stars inifinite cards and many Krosmatic rarity cards might stand a chance =/
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Yup, that's the problem of a this early tournament :/ There's too few people with that kind of cards yet

Btw, I've completly missed the announcement but ... The registrations are opened ! There's a few more slots, but we may (or may not) make some more !

Go check in :  !
(Don't forget to have a valid nickname !)
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Wish I had seen this topic earlier ;-;
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