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3v3 Tournament: The TriKros

By #[Nedab] - COMMUNITY MANAGER - September 07, 2017, 17:00:00

Pumped up after this gorgeous summer? Ready for two weekends of team tournaments? Yep, you read that right: team tournaments!

This tournament is organized entirely by members of the Krosmaga community, with imagery by Kindry and texts by Kohai. Ankama simply supports and provides visibility to this tournament, which promises to be spectacular! Presented by Sheitanne, Kohai, Californie, Crystauw, and the talented Kindry, here is the TriKros team tournament!

No more acting like Bernardo dia Reya on the beach of Sufokia, no more wading in the Asse Sea: it's time to team up and fight it out with tons of players from the Krosmoz!

The tournament can host up to 128 teams – which means up to 384 players, ranging from beginners to veterans, as long as they are in three-player teams. This will be the first team tournament with only BO5 competitions! What? Teams AND BO5?! Don't go: it'll all be explained!


The tournament will take place over two weekends, September 16-17 and 23-24, as follows:
1st Weekend
  • Saturday, September 16: Group phase
  • Sunday, September 17: 32ndfinals and 16thfinals
2nd Weekend
  • Saturday, September 23: 8thfinals and quarterfinals
  • Sunday, September 24: Semifinals, 3rdplace playoff, and final


After forming your team, you'll need to enroll on Toornament and designate a team leader, team name, and the Krosmaga user names of three players. Tournament entries open on September 9th at 12:00 PM (CEST Time).



For each match, there's a pick and ban phase; then, you decide which player on your team will play which god! Yep, each player will only play one god per BO5!

The pick and ban format will be as follows:

  • A bans one god
  • B bans one god
  • A bans one god
  • B bans one god
  • A chooses one god
  • B chooses two gods
  • A bans one god
  • B bans one god
  • A chooses two gods
  • B chooses one god

After the pick and ban phase, you will need to decide which player on your team will play which god and inform the opposing team. For example, on the Brotherhood of the Tofu team, Evangelyne will play the goddess Cra, Percedal will wield his sword as the god Iop, and Amalia will make her adversaries tremble as Sadida.

Once these decisions have been made, all that's left is to start the first fight!

Team A is the team listed at the top of the tournament bracket.



The prizes below will be shared among the players on the team.

  • 1st place: €90 + 9,000 kamas
  • 2nd place: 9,000 kamas
  • 3rd place: 6,000 kamas
  • 4th to 8th places: 3 Necro or Paladir platforms (your choice) + 1,500 kamas
  • 9th to 32nd places: 3 of each booster (gold, silver, bronze, N&P)


Ready to rise to the challenge? Form your team, prepare your decks, and set out to win the tournament!

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Poderia ter um video demonstrando como isso irria funcionar, 3X3 ao mesmo tempo?

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Vdd, deveria ter um video, nem imagino como seja...

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Muy mal organizado, nunca me avisaron acerca de los horarios de mi partida,no se si ya nos descalificaron

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I work with big amateur tournaments since 2010, most of then with more than 2000 players, already had a League of Legends professional team at CBLoL. I am also owner of the and

I realy like Krosmaga and Wakfu and it would be awesome if i worked with Ankama, any chances if i come to aply?

Edit¹: Je parke aussi le français

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This sounds like an amazing game style lol. Is it possible if you guys could Implement a 3 V 3 and / or 2 V 2 for players to casually play with their friends. I would love to play a card game that would involve Co-op play because I used to play Magic the Gathering and twin headed dragons was my favorite, which involved four players of two different teams. Thus effectively a 2 V 2. Just hoping to find a digital card game that would allow teams and hope that Krosmaga could be that digital card game for me that does it!!! biggrin

Long time fan of the company's work and I look forward to anything else you would have in store for us!!! Woot biggrin

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