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Patch 1.15: The Date and Winners!

By [Wimkote] - COMMUNITY MANAGER - June 16, 2020, 16:00:00

It took some time, but we finally have a launch date! Update 1.15 will be out on Tuesday, June 30!

It can be said that the players who took part in this adventure were quite inventive! We received hundreds of suggestions that we sorted, reviewed and put away in little colored pouches so we wouldn't lose them. Then we kept the ones that worked best.

Contrary to what was said about it in our previous news articles, it will be Update 1.15 and not 1.14 (a slight technical detail).

The new expansion will be available from Tuesday, June 30, for €4.99.

You can get it straight from the website, on the "Shop" tab.

A New Mud-Loving Family!

If you didn't already know, a new family is trampling its way into KROSMAGA: the Salamurai family.

You can expect them to set off a few chain reactions! Since these monsters' effects are only triggered once an enemy Minion has been defeated, you'll be able to perform devastating combos!

We won't immediately unveil what they all look like – we want to surprise you on the release date!

3 New Cards for Each God!


We've added a new spell card and two Minions for each god to all decks.

This should give you more flexibility and freshen up the gameplay styles you already know!

Here are a few examples:

Thanks to a community that's on top form in terms of creativity, we made great achievements. Some of you set yourselves apart with your enthusiasm, so we'd like to say a big "thank you".

We promised players whose cards were selected for integration that they would receive the expansion for free.

Here is the list of the lucky participants:

  • Bloum-Haryndodouss
  • Eutecto
  • Grivel-Dlanor
  • ilidiane
  • jomie
  • MickeyVonair
  • Nokuni
  • ombridge
  • oups-jes-bug
  • -PeggY-
  • red-kojax
  • snoopythedog
  • Sonaru
  • stonebrew
  • terga

If you're one of them, the expansion will be credited to your account on its release date.

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For those that do not know, you'll be able to craft the cards with Dust, you can unlock everything by buying the pack but you can also grind the cards.

And translation from french :

Nenufar: While it is in play, your sadida are transformed to seed when they die.
Embaumement: Sacrify one of your summon to add its AP cost to your reserve.
Atout caché: Deals 3 damages. Cost 1 lest AP per allied dice roll or coin flip.
Jade: Rallying. End of turn: Gains +1 AT if you have an ally glyph on the board.
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Score : 1542
Oh I guess it wouldn't make a sense to add new booster packs for so few new cards.
I hope the next update come sooner, this one took forever
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are you saying that we will not be able to unlock it with booster packs,or at least try to craft the cards?
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Score : 1388
Read my comment above Lifewill.
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Score : 289
Guess they don't plan on explaining why so much time in the dark...
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Score : 2
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Score : 1
been waiting since forever,please come back with content. Don't let it die like krozmasters
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Score : 138
It is nice to hear of them again after half a year of radio silence, but I really wish they would explain themselves. I have a hard time getting invested in this game again when, at any moment, the developers might just abandon it like they have done so often before now.
"It took some time, but..." is by no means an adequate explanation or apology towards the players. The problem is not that they took longer, but that there was no communication from their side at all. Even if they had other priorities internally, getting a guy to write a short notification that they are being delayed does not sound impossible and would be very basic, human decency...
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Score : 289
I agree, it's like, i'll probably play it when the update comes out(if it comes) but after that i don't know if i'll keep playing, they might just disappear for another 6 months without a reason
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Score : 1
When is the Goultard patch coming that removes first-strike
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Score : 1
Finally, can't wait. You guys took your sweet time, please update sooner next time.
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Score : 1
Looks amazing, but we need osamodas, pandawa or any new character.
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Score : 1
I am very excited about this update! I really hope more are to come, will definitely be buying this to try and support the best I can.
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Score : 1
This game is the best card game, I'm love to play in Steam and I'm in a extreme hype for this update!!!

One question, the devs want to put the new game of Ankama on Steam too!?
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Score : 84
This game is the best, I rather play krosmaga than hearthstone, Ankama did a great job with this game.

It is sad that they think that everything will be like Dofus a market niche, unfortunately krosmaga has many rivals online.  
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Score : 35
After upload in Android can't enter the game.... why?
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Score : 57
Can’t play on the iPad or iPhone anymore. Can we get some support?
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Score : 289
Now that the update is here i feel like saying some things.
I was a bit bitter for not winning the contest for the cards, mostly because it was kind of dumb how they handled it plus the long silence, but in the end im happy for how it turned out, those cards are way more interesting than my ideas were.
Hope they do it again and hope i improve until them to have my ideas on a game i love =3
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Make a card from Kali, plz :3
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Score : 1

the one mans cost shield rallying Feca single handedly wins games.

No deck in this game, can kill this card before he starts a chain reaction of fecas rallying across the map.

Once fecas start rallying.. you should just quit the game

On top of that, rallying is just a broken concept regardless.

Why is a completely defensive class the only class in the game that can get rid of summoning sickness.

Why is a defensive class allowing every creature in his deck to walk right up to your front door?

Why do glyphs astronimically boost shield points, when you ABSOLUTELY MUST KILL EVERY CREATURE THEY PLAY BEFORE IT GETS ONE MOVE.

It’s gotten to the point, where if I play against Feca.. I lose 100% and I beat almost every deck if I don’t misplay.

I now quit immediately anytime I play against a Feca deck. And the very small amount of games I do try to play out.. I quit once they play the one mana cost Feca rallying appearance gain a shield.

It’s not fun to go up against. It’s not even fun in a hard challenge kind of way. The decks entire theme around rallying has irritated me so badly.. I tend to just stop playing for months at a time... I jump in and play again.. run into a Feca. Get demoralized and quit playing again.

The overpowered rallying ability in combination with glyphs.. is toxic to the joy of this game.
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Score : 289
A good Feca deck is truly annoying, but to me Feca's still the third more annoying, i think Iop e Cra can outplay you the entire game with little effort, while Feca depends too much on the position of allies and enemies. Rally is tough, but only when Feca is ahead, If she's being pressured It doesnt help much. The glyphs truly are the problem, takes a while to proper set them all, but its an insane bônus and is kinda hard tô break. And once Feca starts to dominate the field, there's not much tô do.

One Feca card i think needs a change is the 8 cost spell that sends a row back to the hand, almost sure the name is Truce. The card should work as a ceasefire, but is basically a Tool to remove the last line of defense. Maybe make it affect your side of the field or the other. Remove both ofense and defense, like the name.
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