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By #[Nedab] - COMMUNITY MANAGER - July 25, 2018, 19:00:00

As you understandood from the title, I’m leaving Ankama. It's time for me to discover new horizons and to leave the place to someone else.

The Ankama adventure ends for me but I wanted to write one last time to thank all those with whom I had the opportunity to work and especially you, Krosmaga players who accompanied my trip.

I had a lot of fun during these nearly 2 years on Krosmaga, either by organizing the KWS, preparing the release of extensions, by organizing the playtests, during events or simply by answering your messages everywhere on the Internet!

I wanted to thank you for all these moments spent on Krosmaga, for all your attentions, your investment and these moments that I had the opportunity to live in this community. I feel I have instilled my values ​​in the communication that I have been able to do on a daily basis. And that makes me deeply happy.

Thank you also to all the Krosmaga team with whom we worked with determination (and always in good spirits wink ) to make the game as pleasant as possible. I think back to all these moments of joy, laughter and sharing we have experienced. It was an honor to work with you.

Thanks to Kam and ToT for their welcome, their kindness and their communicative pleasure to create the dream of others. Thank you for this experience that made me grow.

I would never be very far from Ankama and my heart will always follow the different productions!


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Very sad to see you leave, you were very involved with the community and you did an awesome job during your time here. Wish you success in your future endeavors and you definitely will be missed!

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Does this mean the end of 100 decks stream?

Also good luck Nedab.

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I wish you good luck, in the games to come.

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