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Infinite system removed, animated cards, and balancing.

By #[Nedab] - COMMUNITY MANAGER - June 28, 2018, 18:00:00
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They broke the game my guy that makes loot free no long works off the guy that lets you summon him on your loot will not work either

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Thank you for making me uninstall the game.... Seriously now i have time for other things! Anyway it was fun as long as it lasted. Rip Krosmaga.

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Broken the game. RIP krosmaga

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100% Agree with @Valguard, these foils look lazy and not premium at all, the decorations are overwhelming. Foils should've stayed exclusive to Infinites and maybe krosmics too.
It's sad devs spent so much time with foils instead of bringing REAL NEW CONTENT that old players have been waiting for such a long time. It's the seventh month of the year and nothing has been said yet, last update was brotherhood and Feca ( Goddess which by the way is taking way too long to get balanced) last year.

As I mentioned somewhere else, a couple new neutrals and one krosmic and/or infinite every couple months , more consistent balance, and buffing of cards that nobody uses, would be enough to freshen up the game.  

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i don't like this... first they scrapped all of the unique art on the dash so now it's all bland the ecaflip challenges always made me smile seeing the little white ecaflip, and I also liked the shushu book when wanting to look at my collection and unlocking new infinite cards and reading about the characters was always so much fun but now it's all gone, I used to play krosmaga like every day now I don't play it all. Simply because it's not as aesthetically captivating as it used to be. It's like they are slowly taking the life out of the game and I don't get why? Oh well à plus tard.

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We need some way to see all available versions of an Infinite for easy comparison. Yes, they are not tied with exp system anymore. But they are not completely separate because we can't use different versions of an Infinite together in a deck. Choosing a version becomes a problem because most versions have different cost and sometimes even their names are different.

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i can't play the games

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