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Free Percedal Emote!

By #[Nedab] - COMMUNITY MANAGER - March 29, 2018, 12:00:00

A special offer devoted to the Ioppest of Iops! Until April 8, receive an animated Percedal emote with packs of 500 or more kamas.

If you've ever dreamed of showing off your Iopitude in front of your opponents, we have what you need! For the international release of Wakfu Season 3 on Netflix, this April 1, the Ioppest of Iops is coming to your emotes.

Through April 8, you'll receive a new animated Percedal emote as a gift with the purchase of any pack of 500 or more kamas in the shop. You can use this emote with all the gods, without any restrictions… including Iop, if you want to double your dose of Iopitude!  

And if it makes you eager to see other members of the Brotherhood of the Tofu, keep your eyes peeled: They'll be here soon! Follow us on social media (Twitter and Facebook) to make sure you don't miss one!

First Ankama intervention

Replying to TheDove

No! It's Percedal who's the ioppest of them all! tongue
See message in context
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"A special offer devoted to the Ioppest of Iops!"
So what you're saying is that people who buy it are-
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No! It's Percedal who's the ioppest of them all! tongue
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just i used 300 gold yesterday xD
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Oh man I hope we get Yugo and Adamai :O
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I like parcedal skill
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when will we be allowed to have 6 emotes equipped? I feel like the 4 basic emotes are almost must-haves, so it feels bad to have to replace one.
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It's currently not in the works, but I'll pass the suggestion around the team. smile
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Aún es posible conseguirlo?
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