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Patch note 1.10: The tutorial is back

By #[Nedab] - COMMUNITY MANAGER - March 29, 2018, 10:00:00

What's new




  • New Tutorial against Rushu: help the god Iop defeat the demon and his army of Shushus!
  • New background scenery: the game board is now situated on the ground, with a background scenery that changes as Rushu gets angrier

The new tutorial won't start if you've already completed it. However, if you'd like to try it, the Beta server is at your disposal for a few days, where it will play as soon as you connect to the game. Start up your existing Beta launcher or download it for PC and for Mac.  




  • Six new epic songs have been added to the game at the menus, when creating decks and during different combat settings.






  • Luke O'Cyte: Effect modified: "APPEARANCE: Inflicts 3 damage. END OF TURN: Is healed by 1 HP." is now "APPEARANCE: Inflicts 2 damage. END OF TURN: Is healed by 1 HP." Health points change from 5 HP to 4 HP.
  • Psykosis Flask: Effect modified: "Take control of an enemy minion having 3 AT or less before your opponent's turn" is now "Take control of an enemy minion having 3 AT before your opponent's turn."
  • Cheerful Peacemaker: Cost changed from 4 AP to 5 AP.




  • Crashing Wave: Effect modified: "Inflicts as much damage on enemy minions as there are allied glyphs in play" is now "Inflicts as much damage on an enemy minion as there are allied glyphs in play." The cost has been reduced from 8 AP to 6 AP.


Bug fixes




  • Following the change implemented by patch 1.91, Dolly Sacrifice is now fully redeemable until April 12 at 10:00 a.m.
  • The text of the Explosive Tofu and Grainule cards have been revised to better reflect their effects.




  • Vampyro: A bug preventing Vampyro's HORDE effect from working correctly has been fixed.
First Ankama intervention

Replying to Qriev

Feca has not received any buffs...? Only a nerf to Crashing Wave, which was a dangerous heavy-hitter during late game. 

See message in context
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Not sure if Feca needed more buffs tho, but Crashing wave was not really used a lot, so I guess that's fine.

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Feca has not received any buffs...? Only a nerf to Crashing Wave, which was a dangerous heavy-hitter during late game. 

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You forgot to remove the s at minion on the card in game :3

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Which card? We could probably fix that quickly. 

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You guys forgot to tell about new visual content in description ^^

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Very happy to see these Eniripsa Nerfs. Especially with Psychosis flask, its much easier to play around it and limit the hurt it will inflict on you, if you have a balanced deck. Not sure why Cheerful Peacemaker got a nerf instead of Asprogik though. She is only good as a combo card afterall, while each Asprogik play is a game changer. 

Regarding the new Tutorial:
I just finished playing it on pc, and here are my thoughts.

The good:

  • The visuals in general look very good.
  • The banter between Iop and Rushu is good.
  • The Shushu design is super great!
  • When you hover over a card, it reminds you what the icons mean. very good addition.
  • The new music is good.

The bad:
  • First off, nothing should advance automatically, add a "next" button, or have things advance when the players clicks thier mouse. Some people are slow readers.
  • Neither the Tutorial, nor the training missions teach you about the order that minions move on the board.
  • Nor do they teach you what the different minion skills and abilities mean.
  • You don't get an individual introduction to the Gods, and you are not told thier strenghts, weaknesses and general playstyles.
  • You are not told about things like maximum hand size, or what happens if your hand fills up, or your deck runs out of cards.

The gripes:
  • You introduce AP cost, on the cards, before introducing AP as the currency you spend on the cards.
  • Iops remark: "And if you were to place this minion on the field?" technically makes sense in english, but maybe try keeping the language simple, simply have him say something like: "Now select the card and drag it onto the field to summon it" Or if you want to keep the translation accurate then "How about placing the minion on the field?"/"What if you placed the minion on the field?"
  • You are not told how to navigate the menu.

The Spelling Errors:
  • While fighting Rushu in the intro, when you end turn 2, the texbox says your minions will move based on thier PM instead of MP.

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Thanks a lot for the feedback ! smile We'll see to fix the issues you've pointed out. 

Regarding your "the bad" section : we want to add more tutorials later, which won't be mandatory but will explain more advanced concepts such as cards in hands, combat order, etc. These are unfortunately notions a bit too complex for a first step in the game, but they are definitely worth explaining. 

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I guess.

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Currently, they're under the care of Rushu himself. The same way Rushu has some spells that only he can use in the dungeon, they're not available to players. Later, maybe? 

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Luke Ocyte and Crashing wave modifications are on point, that's how you balance a card without making it completely useless. On the other hand, cheerful peacemaker ... it would've been much better to lower her stats a bit or change the effect. I feel that for 5AP the card is not gonna be used that much anymore.

Also, hope to see new content soon, the game needs to be updated a little more often, to keep veteran players interested

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When will Osamodas God be released?

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I would like hupper or ogi

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and beta


i need play krosmaga beta, i need play boss mace please

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