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Devblog: Balancing

By [Dewit] - COMMUNITY MANAGER - September 08, 2017, 12:00:00
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Dear developers Krosmaga. Thank You very much for your game, but don't you think that you are looking for balance in the wrong direction. You essentially change all of the evolution of Adamai cards available for all decks, while ignoring the card, definitely contributing to the imbalance. Of course I'm on the "everyone's favorite" Zaldior. Adamai** 3AT 4HP 6AP, Adamai*** 4AT 5HP 8AP (you kidding?) return a minion to its owner's hand, and Zaldior 3AT 5HP 7AP able to steal a minion with 4AT. This is what happens, Zaldior 7AP can steal Adamai*** 8AP? Where is the logic? Am I the only one thinking that the difference in numbers is insignificant, while the difference in impact on the game is huge. Amid the increased cost of Adamai for 2AP reduction Zaldior HP from 8 to 5 just looks ridiculous.
Now about your initiative in the search for balance in the game. This issue is long overdue and I fully support your initiative. Of course I'm no expert, but it is not correct to seek a balance in strengthening several of the gods (in my opinion you will create a snowball effect), and the partial weakening of the undoubtedly the strongest. Why don't you look at Eniripse the deck. Half of the cards in the deck have a fundamental impact on the game. 5 card with a control in the same deck, 9 cards change attack, already mentioned Zaldior, 3 stun, 3x2AR for all. And this despite the fact that they have other good cards. So where is the balance? It remains to add cards with charge to get universal soldier. Whatever way you reinforced the rest of the gods, this card set is impossible to resist. You are going something to do with it? Or your whole team plays on these decks?
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That 5 health isn't chosen arbitrarily.

Keep in mind that Zaldior can only steal minions with less than 5 attack. This means that this new Zaldior doesn't trade with enemy minions that he can't steal.

He's probably still one of the strongest krosmics, but that 3 health makes a big difference. (Previously he was my pick for the strongest card in the game.)
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You guys nerfed the bounce cards but not all of them. Bakara + Albirachnee is pretty annoying to deal with. Even Jahash too is annoying.

Either make it so Albirachnee and Bakara can't have less than 10 AP total or change it so that Albirachnee can only return your minions if they are on the opponent side. If your opponent is an Ecaflip, a devestating combo would be Craps -> Bakara -> Albirachne + Curse cards and repeat till you lose.
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Really need some fix on ios UI/UX
i love this game and wish to see everything good here, and getting more people to join us!
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ok so i can have 7 krosmic cards and 5 infinits!! Can I have more than one copy of each krosmic or infinite card? I don't want to recycle my cards and make a second krosmic or infinit and find out only one copy is allowed in the deck!! Please help me!! I can't find basic rules any where!!
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Step 1. Don't bump a 3 year old thread.
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You can only have one Krosmica type card and one Infinite type card.
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