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Patchnote 1.4: Necros and Paladirs

By [Dewit] - COMMUNITY MANAGER - June 28, 2017, 11:00:00

Krosmaga's first expansion "Necros and Paladirs" comes in with its 150 new cards! Discover also all the changes added to the game in version 1.4! 



Necros & Paladirs, the first Krosmaga expansion, is now available:

  • Added the god Enutrof and 32 cards specific to this god.
  • All Enutrofs have the Drhellzerker ability, allowing them to banish an allied drheller on the board to transform into a Drhellzerker.
  • Added 7 cards for the existing gods: 2 Necro Minions, 2 Paladir Minions, and 3 spells.
  • The Necro cards (2 per God) are associated with a new gameplay mechanic and a new way to win the game. You can learn more about this new mechanic in this devblog.
    • When it appears, each Necro lets you receive one Orb card, or 2 Orb cards if you agree to reveal one of your Dofus.
    • An Orb lets you inflict 2 damage on a Minion. If you have 3 Orbs in your hand, they fuse to create a Golden Orb.
    • A Golden Orb lets your Dofus become invulnerable for one turn. If you have 2 Golden Orbs in your hand, they fuse to create a Necronomigore.
    • The Necronomigore is placed on a Dofus (like a Sinistro). After 7 turns, it becomes active and does 5 damage to enemy Dofus. It is destroyed if the Dofus bearing it is destroyed.
  • Added 6 new Infinite cards and their associated offerings.
  • Added 53 new neutral cards.
  • Added a new pack of cards in the shop. The Necro pack costs 100 kamas, and consists exclusively of cards added in this expansion (guaranteed 1 rare, Krosmic or Infinite card per pack). These cards are not available in existing packs.




  • The daily quest button shows the number of quests in progress.
  • Added 4 new backgrounds.
  • On the daily quest page, a message is displayed when there are no more quests in progress.
  • It is now possible to enter a gift code directly in the in-game shop.
  • The shop has been revised to incorporate the new Necro pack. A new pack of 2900 kamas is available for €24.99.
  • Added an interface to display the latest news and most recent patch note on the home screen.
  • In the collection, you can now filter the cards by the number you have. The shortcut for this function is NB. For example: NB:3 to filter on cards you have three copies of, NB:2+ for those you have more than 2 copies of.


  • The first part of Draft mode is now free (or the next Draft, for those who have already had a chance to test this game mode).
  • Krosmaga is now available in Russian and Brazilian Portuguese.
  • "Training" quests now count matches to unlock a new god.





  • The opponent's trophy is now displayed correctly.
  • Corrected a bug that prevented players from playing cards after losing their connection.


  • A stunned minion in front of a destroyed dofus does not return to the deck as long as it is stunned.
  • On the end-of-season reward screen, the chest disappears correctly after being shrunk.
  • The starter decks have been modified. The cards added to these decks have been automatically added to your collections. 
  • The visual "shield" effect has been revised.
  • The cards returned to your hand from the board or the cemetery are now shown in the history.
  • The window summarizing changes to cards does not appear for new players.
  • The "Black Crow" now has an idle animation when on the field.


  • Miss Night: Adds 1 AP to your reserve, even if Miss Night is killed by your opponent's card.
  • Anathar: Anathar will not counterattack against a minion that has First Strike.
  • Golden Egg Piwi: The text on its effect has been clarified.
  • Parched: Corrected a problem that prevented damage from being done when the card was recovered from the discard pile and replayed on the same creature.
  • Homing Arrow: Corrected the bug where the previously discarded spell returned to the owner's hand instead of the homing arrow.


  • The amount of XP obtained by playing an Infinite has been doubled. The limits on maximum XP per Infinite card per match have been increased to account for the new bonuses that can be unlocked in treasures.
  • The content of the basic decks for all gods has been modified.


  • The Walls: The Wall skill now includes the Irremovable effect, which means that Walls can no longer be moved or sent back to a player's hand by the power of a spell or a minion.
  • Grougaloragran***: Skill changed from "As long as it is in play, none of your Dofus can be destroyed." to "As long as it is in play, your Dofus are invulnerable." The Invulnerable effect prevents a Dofus from taking damage or being destroyed.
  • Khan Karkass***: Skill changed from "APPEARANCE: Summons 3 Fans in front of him." to "APPEARANCE: Summons 3 Fans on adjacent cells."
  • Maskemane***: Skill changed from "APPEARANCE: Discards both your hand and your opponent's, then both players draw 5 cards." to "APPEARANCE: Each player draws 5 cards." Attack increased from 4 to 5. HP increased from 4 to 5.
  • Noxine: Cost increased from 1 AP to 2 AP.
  • All or Nothing:  Skill changed from "Your Minions charge OR are repelled by 3 cells." to "Your Minions charge 2 cells OR are repelled by 2 cells."
  • Bamboo Milk: Skill was changed in previous patch from "The The targeted Minion charges." to "The The targeted Minion charges 2 cells." but card was not redeemable due to a bug. You can now use the compensation system for this card.


  • Draft: Corrected a bug that did not display the right trophy on the Draft result screen when the player was eliminated in their twelfth match. 
  • The marker in the Friend list is now updated correctly.
  • Corrected the display of long usernames in the Friend list.
  • Corrected a bug which sometimes prevented the instant rematch window from appearing after a challenge against a friend. This bug occurred when a spectator was present in the match.
  • Extra basic cards obtained before update 1.3 are now recyclable.
  • Corrected a bug that allowed certain Infinite cards to be played when they were no longer present in the collection. 
  • The Win/Loss ratio in the seasonal ranking is replaced by XP acquired during the current season, and by ELO for players who have reached Veteran rank.
  • The Win/Loss ratio in the global ranking is replaced by the total number of ranked matches played for each player.


  • The series of beginner quests that allow players to unlock Ecaflip challenges has been shortened. The old quests from this series are now available in the offerings.
  • Made improvements to the matchmaking system.
  • Added new offering quests and new Ecaflip challenges related to Enutrof.
  • Access to Dungeons and Draft modes is unlocked by reaching rank 6 for the first time in ranked mode.
  • The Bakara*** video has been replaced.
  • Ranked mode functionality has been changed:
    • The XP required to move from one rank to the next has been reduced
    • Removed the XP bonus that was awarded when moving to a higher rank
    • Complete loss of XP for losses starting at rank 6 (the penalty had been progressive up to rank 12)
    • A win gives a 100 XP bonus if the player gets 3 or more consecutive wins
    • Player regression when changing seasons has been reduced.
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Today, at 10:00 AM (CEST), a patch will be deployed on Krosmaga. It fixes the following issues: 

  • In the case of a defeat during tutorial, the player will no longer be stuck and the match will restart as expected.
  • Launch the updater in Portuguese on PC/Mac will correctly start the game in Portuguese.
  • Several cards which had translation errors in English have been fixed.
  • Serval Bow Meow: his power will no longer affect enemy Bow Meows.
  • Offended Oracle: her power will no longer affect wounded enemy minions.

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