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Patch Notes 0.8.1

By [Dewit] - COMMUNITY MANAGER - October 13, 2016, 14:25:09
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On Thursday October 13th, at 2:00 PM (UTC+2), we will begin an update on Krosmaga. This update contains the following points:


  • Fixed a problem which could lock the match when a creature received damage when it entered the battlefield (the animation would play on a loop and lock the game).
  • Fixed a bug where a card would very briefly take the entire screen at the beginning of a turn.
  • Fixed a bug which prevent your opponent’s spells FX (1) to be displayed correctly.
  • AI (Training mode): fix the problems which prevented the AI (2) to play certain cards.
  • The battle log is upgraded.


  • Fixed a problem where cards would randomly appear greyed out during deckbuilding, giving the wrong impression that the cards were not available for this deck.


  • Fixed text for several Offerings in English which gave incorrect objectives to complete.
  • Fixed a bug which prevented the daily distribution of tokens for the Krosmic Roulette.

At launch

  • [*]A new key combination can be pressed from the start-up of the game to the beginning of download to force a cache clear-up (3):

    Left CTRL + Left Shift + Delete or Backspace

    Players who encountered problems during the loading phase of the game can use this combination to solve their problems. By clearing the cache, the game will be forced to re-download all the game’s data.
  • Changed the text displayed at launch; we will now differentiate between downloading and loading phases.

This update requires a short shutdown of our servers. Once the update is complete, you will need to start your updater again to download it. See you in game!
  1. FX: Visual effects on spells and summons.
  2. AI: Artificial Intelligence, a deck controlled by the computer.
  3. Clearing the cache: action which erases all temporary files from the game in order to re-download them properly. This won’t affect your score or your collection in any way.
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