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Some love for Sinistros

By cody5#2705 January 10, 2017, 15:58:01
You know sinistros in wakfu? They do this.
Yeah I know it's OP, but it could have less stats or half of the effect, I just want to counter them being instantly cursed.
Also it should be at least golden rarity.
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I really like the idea of adding more sinistro synergy. Maybe another way to balance it would be that the leader now makes your sinistros not be able to hit dofus, so its more of a control device? 

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I mean it only lasts for as long as it's alive, I think having sinistros is enough of a prerequisite for it to be balance when it lasts for 5 turns max.
If you meant the overcloct, than sure, but I thought it could be an agressive card, since the enemy can just curse them.

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Maybe the effect could be similar to Bodyguard, so that the minion can take damage instead of the Sinistro in that row, the spell can make sinistro deal damage (or double damage) to every minion in that row (since we all know that Xelor lacks any board clear).

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Oooh, the second one sounds especially cool, I'm imagining all sinistros doing synchronised laser eye beams across their rows, but honestly I think it'll be completely non-viable untill they change the prisms to only 1 curse.
The first one sounds cool, but would that also protect the dofus? Sounds like a complex but interesting mechanic.

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More sinistro is good, but this ...(.tihs) will make xelor imbalanced. Really, maybe weaker effects? or make it infinitive? 

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it was just a theme suggestion, it could be way weaker, just wanted some sinistro synergy if I can'thave any in wakfu

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