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By SirFerrett#4225 December 20, 2016, 16:42:27

Cast this spell on a allied summon that is in front of your cra so it can attack the next enemy summon in the same row.

(or cast this on enemy summon to attack the one that is behind him.)
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Ofcourse this is a cra-only card. biggrin

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Like the idea, you can use this in a combo with Walls and stuff. It would be a little OP, so it could have a higher cost and/or be Krosmic

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I don't like, this is broken, it needs to be like 10AP cost to be ok, and being Cra still being broken

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add the effect that the "transparent card" is Stun and/or silence for that turn and you got a good idea.

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I don't think this is broken at all, perhaps 4 ap might be better, but 10 AP is way too much.
This card can be played to make a the allied summon in front of your cra (or other summon with range) transparent so enemy will take damage from your cra and the other allied summon in front of it... for only one turn.
Ofcourse enemy still needs to be in range of your cra.

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I like the concept, but it could also be used to ignore a defending minion in front of a dofus, could prove to be a little OP, maybe 5-6 AP cost if it targets enemy minions, or half that if it targets allied minions.

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