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Osamodas class ideas

By papu122#8838 December 01, 2020, 23:15:35
Hey guys! I'm here to give some ideas for the osamodas class, i know that krosmaga probably won't update again but i wanted to contribute something

Osamodas minions have 2 options when they appear: Select a neutral minion to give a bonus or select nothing and gain a bonus (dragon)

Osamodas minions:
Common and uncommon minions (9): 

Cost: 1AP 
1 AT / 2HP / 3MP 
Counts as a neutral minion 

Cost: 2AP  
2 AT / 2HP / 1MP
Gives +1MP to a neutral minion
Dragon: Gains 3MP 

Cost: 3AP
2 AT / 2HP / 3MP 
Dead: Draw a card from the selected minion family 
Dragon: Dead: Returns to your hand if you don't have neutral minions on it 

Cost: 3AP 
2 AT / 2HP / 3MP 
Leader: +1AT to neutral minions 
Dragon: Leader: +1AT to osamodas minions 

Cost: 4AP 
3 AT / 4HP / 2MP 
Bodyguard to a neutral minion 
Dragon: +2 AR 

Treech Nidcole: 
Cost: 4AP 
3 AT / 3HP / 3MP 
Returns a neutral minion to your hand 
Dragon: Returns to your hand one time

Cost: 5AP 
4 AT / 3HP / 3MP 
Draw 2 cards, keep the osamodas; discard any others 

Cost: 6AP 
3 AT / 4HP / 2MP 
+3 AR to a neutral minion 
Dragon: +2 AT and resistance 1

Prespic king:
Cost: 6AP 
5 AT / 3HP / 3MP 
Inflict 1 damage around the target minion 
Dragon: First strike 

Rare minions (5): 

Crow Valentine:
Cost: 3AP 
2 AT / 2HP / 2MP 
Increase by 1 the range of a minion with range 
Dragon: Range 1-3 

Beast defender: (Paladir)
Cost: 2AP 
1 AT / 1HP / 3MP 
Destroy an allied minion (neutral or osamodas) to gain it's AT and HP (AR) 

Butcher: (Necro) 
Cost: 5AP 
3 AT / 6HP / 3MP 
Sacrifice 3HP to heal an allied minion and give +2AT  

Cost: 6AP 
5 AT / 6HP / 2MP 
Inflict 4 damage to an enemy minion located in front of the target minion
Dragon: Inflict 2 damage to the next enemy minion summoned

Furrier: (Necro)
Cost: 6AP 
5 AT / 4HP / 3MP
Cost 1 AP less per neutral card on the hand 

Krosmic minions (3): 

Beast warrior: (Paladir) 
Cost: 5AP 
4 AT / 5HP / 3MP 
Sacrifice a minion to make osamodas minions charge 2 cells 

Kra ken: 
Cost: 7AP
3 AT / 4HP / 2MP 
Your neutral minions can't receive more than 2 damage 

Summoner champion:
Cost: 8AP 
6 AT / 6HP / 3MP 
Becomes one of the targeted minion's family 
Dragon: +1 AT and Final blow: Draw an osamodas minion

Osamodas spells: 
Common and uncommon spells (13):

Animal link:
Cost: 1AP 
Select an osamodas minion to grant bodyguard and then a neutral minion

Cost: 1AP 
Add 2 Gobgob to your hand 

Cost: 2AP 
Sacrifice an osamodas minion to draw 3 neutral cards 

Osamodas whip:
Cost: 2AP 
Returns an allied minion to your hand, it cost 2PA less

Crackler punch:
Cost: 3AP 
Inflict 3 damage or inflict 2 damage around the targeted osamodas minion

Cost: 3AP 
Replace the osamodas minions in your hand with the same number of neutral minions

Blibli charge:
Cost: 3AP
Select a neutral minion to make it charge 3 cells or make the osamodas minions charge 2 cells 

Cost: 4AP 
Sacrifice an osamodas minion to give it's HP in AR to a neutral minion, draw an osamodas card 

Cwabstix pincer:
Cost: 4AP 
Inflict 4 damage or inflict 3 damage on the targeted osamodas row 

Cost: 5AP
Target an osamodas minion, enemy minions have vulnerability 2 while it is alive 

Phoenix spirit:
Cost: 6AP 
Minions returns to it's owner hand when they die, they cost 1AP less

Cost: 1AP 
Destroy an allied minion to inflict it's damage to other minion 

Cost: 6AP 
Teleports an allied minion onto an adjacente cell of other allied minion 

Rare spells (4):

Puddly shot:
Cost: 2AP 
Inflict 2 damage, if the enemy die draw a card 

Boowolf claw: 
Cost: 3AP 
Grants +3AT to a neutral minion or grants +2AT to osamodas minions 

Cost: 1AP 
Transform a neutral minion into a dragon osamodas 4 AT / 4HP 

Osamodas's blessing:
Cost: 3AP 
Destroy a neutral minion to grant it's to an osamodas minion 

Krosmic spells (3): 

Cost: 6AP 
Transform an enemy minion into an allied gobgob 

Cost: 8AP 
Your neutral minions cost 0AP during this turn

Roar of the king:
Cost: 12AP 
Every allied minion charge 6 cells

And that's all ^^ I really hope krosmaga will have a new update some day, thanks for read and have a nice day :v
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Wow, you got some nice ideas there. Hopefully people see this and take some examples of yours. It's about time they create the others classes.
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thats a cool idea and it is a very balanced one but i have a question for you what if the minion you were targeting is a modified one and cant cast spell on it
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Really cool, maybe if the game wasn´t dead, they could take notes about this one
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