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This HAS to be in the game

By EstebanDark#6349 December 15, 2017, 22:17:50

I just play unranked like 10 times, 8 out of those were players that were lvling their infinite cards so, i think you should add a Text that say : "I'm just leveling my infinites, dont mind me!"

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I think this just have to be ilegal and it happens a lot

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It can't be illegal because it's the only way of leveling Infinites (buying EXP for kamas is not even close to this). But I agree that playing against leveling decks doesn't give any pleasure. When I face a player with such a deck I want to concede in order not to waste time.

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It makes the game kind of boring if you don't want to compete but ranked mode is the only way to get good duels with this happening

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What would this change, when people find out that you are leveling your infinities they just get upset and try to rush to your dofus.angry

Maybe it's because leveling decks are very stally and frustrating to play against, but still...

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there are 2 things i don't underand here.
first of all how did you figure out that they were just leveling their infinites and second how are they annoying.
personally i just fill my deck with the 5 infinites i want to level up,and then i play normally trying to win,i don't see how i am annoying with any way.i level them up mostly with the money i win.

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Leveling infinite decks focus on rotating infinites in and off the field. Usually a xelor with the arachnees and vampyro to make it so they can place down any minion worth 0 AP over and over again till they get all 60 exp per infinite. It's long and boring to play against because they don't actually play.

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