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How would a card effect work in a real fight?

By Obe#5309 September 20, 2017, 21:31:26

Yugo* : Counterattack: Put a member of the Brotherhood of the Tofu from your deck in your hand. When Yugo is attacked, He creates a portal so that his friends can come to his aid.
Small Chest : Death: Places loot on the first cell on his row . When the chest is broken it leaves all his precious content on the ground for minions to pick up.
Strich: Switches row whenever an enemy minion enters into play. Striches are notorious for their dodge so much it's really hard for enemy minions to even get in contact with them.
Pet Drheller : Appearance: Return one random card from your discard pile to your hand. When digging into the ground the Pet Drheller uncovers the remains of an allied minion (or a spell) under a tombstone, turns out It wasn't really dead and after a brief rest in your hand It's ready to fight again.
Grougaloragran**: Returns to your hand if it has 3 HP or less. When He was about to die, Grougal had the brilliant idea of going back to his Dofus so that a Xelor couldn't get all his Wakfu. This time Grougal goes back to your God's hand instead, mistaking one of the three Primordial Dofus that your God owns for his one.
Bernardo della Carppet: Untargettable. Not even the Cra Goddess can shoot at something this thin.
Bloodsucker Tsu Tsu: All heals become damage. The Bloodsucker Tsu Tsu stings every minion, sucking their blood and infecting the few drops it leaves running through their veins with a terrible disease. Now every blood transfusion or surgery an Eniripsa performs will just spread the disease even further.
Qilby: Final Blow: Returns the enemy Minion to your hand. Qilby offers every Minion He defeats to Anathar, so that the Shushu can take control of their bodies and help Qilby in his fight. Afterall, it worked with Adamai and Qilby is not the kind of guy that changes his methods if they work.
Baron Sramedi: Death: Returns to your hand if you have at least 10 cards in your discard pile. His name is a pun on Baron Samedi (Saturday in French) and like the titular Bond villain that almost shares his name, He is almost impossible to kill.

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With regards to Baron Samedi, the bond villian is also based on the identically named Baron Samedi the loa, a famous voodoo death deity.

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