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Time for the righteous [Xelor concept card]

By StrangeMachine#2806 June 30, 2017, 15:04:15
Hello everyone, the idea of this card is to represent the "Nox freezes the time thing", so it goes like this.

Name: Time for the righteous

AP cost: I think 4 or maybe 5

Description: Gives state IRREMOVABLE and sets the MP of every minion to 2 for one turn unless they are Xelors, if you have 5 AP it sets the MP to 0.

Do you think is too OP? Will you change something? I think it can have its uses in some cases.
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I think it would be too frustrating to play against.  Some cards are an 8/10 on the fun scale for the person using them but on the other hand, a -8/10 on the fun scale for the person who has to play against it. Imagine making a really sweet move that gives you tons of momentum but then getting frozen by this card for 2 consecutive turns and just having to sit there and watch the game stall while your opponent slowly draws into answers.
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I mean it's an AoE gravity, I think it could work as a krosmic
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Here's the thing.... every time someone makes a card they make them crazy complex. You have 3 contingencies there. A primary and two IF/THen. Xelor or not and 5AP or not. 

Just pick one. Slows all non-Xelor OR +5AP minions MP are 0 for one turn.
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