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Letalina Sigisbul

By Finikksu#8495 October 25, 2016, 03:20:47

Paint FTW!!

Something to place in this part of the forum. Because until now has been really empty.

But really, if you don't add her when you add the Osamodas class I'll be very dissapointed. She has been one of my favourite characters in Dofus since the pre 2.0 times, even if we don't really see her a lot.

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Looks good!biggrin

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It's a little OP it should give the tofus to your hand but looks good, btw where do you get the templates for the card?

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I made the myself, and was too lazy to change the ability between cards XD I want her in the game at all cost.

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Sorry for my ignorance but who is Letalina Sigisbul? I just heard her name from the Letalina's cloak in dofus xD.
About the card, yep, absolutely OP. If you start in second place, you could use it in the first turn and have 5 summon for 2 ap.

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Someday I'll remake the cards for more normal abilities XD, this was to aware her name only.
Letalina Sigisbul is a mercenary with an affinity with the Hour Demons, also one of the most powerful Osamodas in the Dofus era, she was the one who helped free Uk'Not'Allag summoning dozens of Dopeuls and even a few Minotaurs, the last known of her is she was in Gisgul trying to find a way to control Dark Vlad.

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