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The Dungeon Sux!! Completely Unfair!

By January11th2017#5745 February 27, 2017, 01:22:02
Okay, so the boss does 6 mass damage AOE, spams the board with 3 minions in one turn, and then when I play a 7 mana tank and another minion he silences it in order to make it useless.

what the heck strategy is supposed to do anything against this?

Oh yeah I build another board and he does another 6 aoe damage so... I just don't get this...

as currently free to play player I don't think I should be feeding my 15 gold into this dungeon instead of the infinites...
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Wait, if you ever beat the game, you'd guess you'd get at least your 15 kamas back.
Wrong! But here you have your reward: 3 kamas, 3 dusts, this 1/1/3 card.
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He is predictable as his most annoying cards are the removal and the aoe spells. His minons hit pretty weak, so minions with more health counter him. He has tons of draws which reduce his cost by 1, so punish this by adding more cards with draw yourself (kinda like Mill Sram). Blue Larvae and drhellers work well against him. I find that the Sram god is best vs Rushu as they can leap behind minions and don't get pushed back to start. Focus on killing him quickly, as he has endless cards and effitient removal for endgame. It is very possible to farm him with the starter Sram deck if you rush his Dofuses down.
Focus on small health-statted minions and draw. 

I also recommend that you focus on buying packs instead if you are missing a lot of cards. The dungeon minions aren't THAT great. 
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well i have beaten him once for both level 1 and 2 versions both on my first try with Enripsia completley blind. But apparently you have to beat him like 30 times to get all the cards. But this is so obviously rigged and unbalanced to make you spend your money.  It seems like their goal is to frustrate you into spending cash. Literally!!

I'm not someone who usually whines about a game maker getting their money. But you've got to at least make it fair. This dungeon feels like a one of those carnivals where they have the cups that you are trying to shoot down weighted down with glue

I'm just telling the dog on truth!
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I beat the third one 10 in a row without losing a single hp from any of my eggs. Maybe you are bad.
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While I do think they could have made obtaining all the cards easier so you're not stuck with 30 duplicates of the same card whilst still can't getting others, the difficulty is in a good spot. Its a challenge but definitely not impossible.

If you're a free to play player I definitely don't recommend doing the dungeon for a while as your gold will be better invested on infinites as you pointed out. 
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eww seriously the card you get is random?
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ok it took me 12 games to get every card in the first lvl, I just made my acount and have only spent 5 on the starter thing. It wasn't that hard. If you have a good control deck itst easy to 5 dofus him, and when you do you get 3 things one of the 10 cards a random card and some coins, including all the coins i got it was no more than 140 coins to get the 10 cards in that dungion and like 6 random commons.... THATS WORTH IT. (espectially for a completest like me) I assumed the secound one you needed an agro deck for, i came on here to look for other peoples opinions. and january, yours is unhelpful and a bit silly.

so what im assuming is for 

lvl1- control deck
lvl2- extremely agressive deck
lvl3- extremely agressive deck
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I farm that dungeon in like 15 try´s,  for pick all the cards and get 100% in the dungeon, look, is fucking hard when ifrit silence you or destroy a summon, yes, but is soo predictable, is imposible lose for me in that dungeon, minimum i lose 1 dofus.
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Kinda funny how some people say I have beaten it so easy without giveing any details.
Thye prob just got there arses kicked and can't be honest.
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The most stupid part is random awards.
So, i unlocked everything in 3rd chamber exept that Beardramon dude. I already had around 5 victorys without award. Really? I don't want to play that anymore.

Winning "10 in a row without scratch", like that guy wrote higher, seems like a very big lie. Or cards from infinites really are that op, i still don't have any, lol

+ i must note that "Now i'm winning" is broken card. Combined with aoe first strike - you might lose instantly. Also, when rushu uses this spell on the beginning, after placing some 4\4's - you are also screwed.

Out of all my games, with Cra, Iop and Ecaflip i ended with idea that Cra is the best one to win without losing dofuses. And i had exactly one such win xD

Best cards:
- Some big striches (~4 will be enough). Those are good at tricking rushu, yet bad at defending lines
- BIG creatures, like 4\6 and that 5\4 transformer-wabbit. Good at defending against many threats.
- Range minions with 3 and more health. Good at countering big threats and fighting all that 2\2, 2\3 and 2\4 in melee (Beware of silence)
- 4 dmg spell and Storm arrow. Strong securing.
- Arahnas and Adamai. As always, they offer strong securing and can open enemy dofus to your attack
- Glais, Blue larvas... and other cards that help you to fill you hand or boost you minion's speed. 

However, that "Now i'm winning" almost always manages to break at least one of my dofus. You should always keep in mind that thing, yet there often you can't do anything about it as rushu often fills board pretty fast
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