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Is This the Hardest Card Game Out There?

By January11th2017#5745 February 01, 2017, 00:07:11
I tell you the truth, even though the atmosphere of the game is relaxing and laid back, I have to concentrate the most out of any card game when I'm playing this one. I mean miscounting one space or one attack/life point can completely lose you a 20 minute game where you'd had the advantage the entire time.
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Ehm, in what card game miscounting isn't bad? When enemy creature survives with 1 hp couse of your miscount - that's always bad
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but this game is different because you are projecting your math into the future, unlike other card games where the combat is nearly instantaneous, in this game there is 1-2 turns before the minions actually clash - at which point the cards are no longer under ur direct control
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Well, games like HS and SV are designed to have extremely simple and fast games. Be it coinflip balancing, or rock paper scissors balancing.

But I'd prefer even Krosmaga's Eni, or Cra mirrors to those games.
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I treat this like a chess game smile Every move matters, every summon is important, every mockery or misleading your opponent could get you nearer to the win and every misinterpreted behavior of opponent bring you nearer to defeat smile
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Conquest of Champions is much, much worse. Cards have stats that are higher, odd, random numbers, which always makes math hard. AND you have many more creatures out at once. AND you can move both horizontally and vertically. AND the board is much bigger. AND you are protecting 2 stationary things that can be surrounded, and 1 thing that moves. It gives, I believe, 2.5 minute turns, and it's often not enough to think and then act. When I played it people always raged that turn timers were too quick. In fact, it was SO bad, they implemented a different game mode with unlimited time for turns, but these games lasted forever so it didn't sufficiently fix the problem. Anyway, that game is way worse. Oh.....and not to mention, EVERY card levels up and changes stats at EACH level. Yeah...
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Krosmaster math is 1000000x worse.

You miscount anything, you probably lose lol
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ThIs is no where near the hardest card game.

Just out of curiosity how many card games have you played?
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