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Transformation cards attacking in the same turn

By Markzs#9189 December 20, 2016, 13:27:30

Don't you think this is very overpowered? The opponent doesn't have time enought time to respond properly and this often will lead to a destroyed dofus. I'm talking about cards like Bow Meow (Ecaflip), Devotion (Xelor) and Transiormatosis (Eniripsa).
These cards act like a big removal + summon an allied creature + inflict 2 damage to the enemy dofus (most of the time).
In my opinion they should at least make them sleeping for the first time since they already provide a secondary sinergy just by themselves (bow meow sinergy, ap reserve and healing)
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I personally don't think so. They use those cards at their turn so it's normal that the summoned summon attacks at the end of the turn. They also cost 8 ap and in my opinion those particular gods need them so they can compete with the others on equal terms.
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"They use those cards at their turn so it's normal that the summoned summon attacks at the end of the turn. "

Actually not. When you summon a minion on your own turn, that minion won't move or attack. They're indeed very cost heavy, but it's not like they don't have some good removal themselves (except for Eniripsa)
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Funnily enough i've actually never seen a single transform card in use yet. If transform really is as strong as you claim it is tho the boowolves would be a strong arc type
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I believe these cards are the only exception. Other transformations, like Boowolves, Otomai and Sadida's seeds into dolls act normally by sleeping on their first turn.
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Very true, I agree that transformations should have summoning sickness the turn they come into play.

Could be a way to balance Sacrier's Light Speed too... Making the summons stunned for a turn after the spell.
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on par with riddling most of the time. So I do not see an issue.
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I strongly agree ,it's not the cost it's the power behind it these cards aswhile as light speed can be game changing I've seen and had games where I've lost or other people have lost, with a great advantage over the opponent.

In some ways theses cards are most rewarding when you are losing ,losing to light speed is like losing to exodia if exodia only required one card to work
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If they changed it to waiting a turn, they would need to tweak multiple other cards for those gods to keep them on par with the stronger gods. 
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