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AI improvements

By Qriev#4374 November 27, 2019, 13:15:47

Hello. Long time no see. I took like a good, long break from this game, much needed!
Came back and not a lot has changed, no new god nor major changes(not complaining, think there is a lot of cards in the game that makes for a good experience at this point).

Dont need to read this part, just where I'm coming from:
Since my life-situation has changed a lot, I merely get to get like 1 or 2 games in a day, while commuting, and due to internet being rather shaky on the undergrounds of Tokyo, I need to stick to "training" mode or other AI modes, since I cant risked getting disconnected and get that fat LOSS, right?

So what I'd love to see changed is:
An update to the training AI's to fit the current game. What I mean is that the different gods actually use their mechanics. Right now, the Xelor will NEVER use his spare AP, even though it has 20+ in reserve. The Sadida will NEVER place seeds on the field, even though it has 10 in the seed-pouch. There are also a lot of weird stuff happening like the Sram using "Confer 2 AT and untargetable on all your minions" card when there are no minions in play etc.
While I'd love a difficulty settings and  a lot of different card sets for the training gods, I can only imagine the amount of coding this would take, and is probably, and shouldn't be a a priority for the limited team.

TL;DR: Make the "training" AI use the mechanics of the god, like Xelor reserve AP, Sadida Seeds.

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Battling AI's should obviously give you some small Reward, like 10 Karmas or something. I mean, isnt them being programmed, them already existing, but not doing anything when you're not a Beginner anymore, the very Definition of a Waste?! What a waste is that?? We Need better AI's and Rewards for Fighting them!!

So much wrong with this game:
It's also way too Luck-based, if not outright just Money-based.
It's so sad i can say this: I have 'lost' multiple times without really having lost for real. Both Players obviously saw that i was just the better Player, but Luck and Luck alone made me lose. That's sad. We both knew i'm the better Player... but i lost.
Not to Mention if someone just Pays Money to have better Cards. Pitiful as heck.
Sorry for ranting, but seriously, this game has a lot of Problems - many not even listed here… so sad…

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