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grougaloragran with 3 stars can break the game

By Lifewill#3077 November 05, 2019, 11:00:12

imagine a scenario where both players have this guy,they have a wall infront of their grougaloragran,and both of them don't have any cards in their decks and no way to destroy or remove any of the grougloragrans.

since grougaloragran protects the dofus from taking ANY damage,the dofus cannot be destroyed therefore the game can only end when one of the players quits.

grougaloragran should not protect the dofus from the deck out damage.

this scenario almost happened to me today.

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Battling AI's should obviously give you some small Reward, like 10 Karmas or something. I mean, isnt them being programmed, them already existing, but not doing anything when you're not a Beginner anymore, the very Definition of a Waste?! What a waste is that?? We Need better AI's and Rewards for Fighting them!!

So much wrong with this game:
It's also way too Luck-based, if not outright just Money-based.
It's so sad i can say this: I have 'lost' multiple times without really having lost for real. Both Players obviously saw that i was just the better Player, but Luck and Luck alone made me lose. That's sad. We both knew i'm the better Player... but i lost.
Not to Mention if someone just Pays Money to have better Cards. Pitiful as heck.
Sorry for ranting, but seriously, this game has a lot of Problems - many not even listed here… so sad…

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