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Please, can glai be nerfed?

By llAltarill#2499 March 10, 2019, 22:12:57

Every match I play, in every deck, 3 copies of that card. Everyone uses it. 2 pa, one decent moster, +1 pm that traduces in +1 turn of advantaje. Is not fun having hundreds of cards and that card it's seen all time. it can give you a total of 3 turns+ a dofus most of the times.

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I started to play like 1 month ago, but I agree with you as far as I could reach (rank 15). For what I could see it's a basic card with an strong effect (at low levels are not that many answers). If you talk about nerfing cards would be nice know what you purpuse. I guess that the only viable changes would be changing the stats (1/2/3 or 2/1/3). The card itself do not win matches and probably is not that OP, but cards that become an autoinclude option are potentially disbalanced.

Anyway I read somewhere that developers have the game in "stand by", so probably no nerfs are coming (many cards more need it).

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ez fix change it from +1 mp to +.5 mp

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