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New God

By Kuwis November 23, 2018, 07:22:07

Im curious if Krosmaga will add new Gods or not, because we still have 2 empty slots on the selection. Just a little suggestion here:
1. Maybe can add a new god that focus on positioning, different from rallying though.

2. Or another god that makes use of untargetable

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There are 2 gods missing. Pandawa and Osamodas. Pandawa could maybe have something wth positioning in its kit, but Osa probably mainly focuessed on buffing and summoning.

It is still questionable if they have enough ressources to work on new expansions. The last I heard was that they search for a publisher to make krosmaga more popular outside of france.

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Enceladon already said it how it is. Originally they had plans to add those to new gods. but that along with everything else seems to have come to a grinding halt. You dont even get platforms or badges for the month anymore, so you probably shouldnt expect two entire expansions to come out anytime soon if at all.

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