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A comprehensive overview of every card that needs balancing, and suggestions for how to balance that card.

By dafunnymonkey#3631 November 15, 2018, 02:10:09
Feel free to add your own suggestions in the comments, if they are good they will be included.

As of 14/11/2018


Call to Brawl
Current: 6 AP, Draw the first 3 Iops from your deck.
Suggestion: 5 AP, Draw the first 3 Iops from your deck.


Current: 2 AP, Draw 1 card. Its costs 0 AP if it is a minion, otherwise discard it.
Suggestion: 2 AP, Draw 1 card. Its cost 4 AP less if it is a minion, It costs 2 AP more if its a spell.

Current: 5 AP, 2 of your dofus trade places.
Suggestion: 2 AP, 2 of your dofus trade places.


Robin Falsehood
Current: 2 AP, 2/1/3, Range 1-4.
Suggestions: 2 AP, 2/1/3, Range 1-3 OR 2 AP, 1/1/3, Range 1-4

Current: 2 AP, Confers +1 AT on a minion per ranged allied minion in play.
Suggestion: 2 AP, Confers Vulnurable 1 on enemy minions with a ranged allied minion on thier row.

Elite Scout
Current: 5 AP, 3/3/3, Range 1-2, Gains +1AT and +1 Range per other allied Cra in play.
Suggestions: 5AP, 3/3/3 Range 1-3, Gain +1AT per other allied cra in play. OR 5 AP, 4/3/3. Range 1-2, Gain +1 range per other allied Cra in play.


Corrupted Healer
Current: 4 AP, 4/8/2, Necro, Apprearence: suffers 3 damage.
Suggestion: Current: 4 AP, 4/7/2, Necro, Apprearence: suffers 2 damage.

Infected Flask
Current: 4 AP, 2 minions trade AT.
Suggestion: 4 AP, target allied minion and target enemy minion trade AT.


Current: 2 AP, Sacrifice one of your minions to inflict as much damage as it has AT on another minion.
Suggestion: 2 AP, Sacrifice one of your minions to inflict as much damage as it has AT on another minion, draw a card.

Current: 3 AP, Confers +3 AT and +2 AR on a minion, which dies at the end of its movement.
Suggestion: 3 AP, Confers +2 AT and +2AR on a minion, which dies at the end of its movement.

Offended Oracle
Current: 5 AP, 4/5/3, Appearence: Gives injured allied minions +1 AT and +1 AR if they are Sacriers.
Suggestion 5 AP, 4/3/3, Appearence: Gives Injured allied minions +1 AT and +1 AR.


Cammy Kazzy
Current: 3 AP, 2/3/3, Deals 4 damage  to the next minion your opponent plays, then suffers 2 damage.
Suggestion: 3 AP, 3/3/3, Deals 3 damage to the next minion your opponent plays, then suffers 2 damage


Current: 1 AP, Banishes the last 3 cards that went into your discard pile to make a minion charge 2 cells.
Suggestion: 2 AP, Banishes the last 3 cards that went into your discard pile to make a minion charge 2 cells.

Current: 2 AP, Put the Sram cards in your hand into your deck, including this one. Draw the same number of cards.
Suggestion: 2 AP, Put the Sram cards in your hand into your deck, draw the same number of cards.

Army of Shadows
Current: 8 AP, Retrieves the Srams from your discard pile.
Suggestion: 7 AP, Retrieves the Srams from your discard pile, those cards cost 1 AP to play this turn.

Current: 10 AP, Banishes the last 10 cards that went into your discard pile to make a Dofus' HP drop to 1.
Suggestion: 8 AP, Banishes the last 10 cards that went into your discard pile to make a Dofus' HP drop to 1. Banish Sanction.


current: 6 AP, teleport a minion onto a cell on your side.
Suggestion: 8 AP, teleport a minion onto a cell on your side.


Current: 3 AP, The cards in your hand cost 1 AP less.
Suggestion: 3 AP, The card in your hand and cards you draw this turn cost 1 AP less.

Current: 5 AP, 2/5/3, Inflict one damage on the enemy dofus on his row whenever you collect an item of Loot
Suggestion: 5 AP, 2/5/3, Inflict one damage on the first minion or enemy dofus on his row whenever you collect an item of Loot

Current: 5 AP, 3/3/3, Appearence: sacrifice one of your prisms to give your other minions +1 AT and +1 AR.
Suggestion: 5 AP, 3/4/3, Appearence: sacrifice one of your prisms to give your other minions +1 AT and +1 AR.


Current: 2 AP, Confers +3 AT on allied minions on a line.
Suggestion: 2 AP, Confers +2 AT on minions on a line.

Jeanne Kholmine
Current: 4 AP, 3/3/2, Rallying, Appearance: Gives a minion shield
Suggestion: 4 AP, 3/2/2, Rallying, Appearance: Gives a minion shield

New Wave
Current: 4 AP, Your Feca cards cost 1 AP less.
Suggestions: 4 AP, Minions cost 3 AP less but no less than 1 AP until end of turn.

Armored Alchemist
Current: 5 AP, 5/4/3, Rallying, As long as she is in play your glyphs cost 1 AP less.
Suggestion: 5 AP, 4/4/3, Rallying, As long as she is in play your glyphs cost 1 AP less. 

Crashing Wave
Current: 6 AP, Inflicts as much damage on a minion as there are allied Glyps in play.
Suggestion:  5 AP, Inflicts as much damage on a minion as there are allied Glyps in play.

Feca Master
Current: 8 AP, Confers Shield on all your Dofus and minions.
Suggestion: 8 AP, Choose one: Confers Shield on all your minions OR Confers Shield on all your Dofus.


Boney Tiwabbit
Current: 1 AP, 2/1/2, Appearance: Charges 1 cell if you have a Cawwot in play.
Suggestion: 1 AP 2/1/2, Appearance: Charges 1 cell if you have a Cawwot in play. Add Chafer subtype.

Purple Larva
Current: 1 AP, 1/1/2, Appearance: repels a minion by 2 cells.
Suggestion: 1 AP, 2/2/2, Appearance: repels a minion by 2 cells.

Current: 1 AP, 1/3/-, Wall.
Suggestion: 1 AP, 1/3/-, Wall, as long as it is in play Enemy minions have -1MP

Tiwabbit Wosungwee

Current: 1 AP, 1/1/3, Appearance: Gains +1 AT and +1 AR if you have a Cawwot in play.
Suggestion: 2 AP, 1/1/3, Appearance: Gains +1 AT and +1 AR per allied Cawwot in play.

Blue Raspberry Jelly
Current: 2 AP, 1/1/2, Gains +1 AT and +1 AR whenever an allied Jelly enters into play.
Suggestion: 1 AP, 1/1/2, Gains +1 AT and +1 AR whenever an allied Jelly enters into play.

Current: 2 AP, 0/2/-, Wall, End of turn: Heals your wabbits by 1 HP.
Suggestion: 2 AP, 0/2/-, Wall, End of turn: Heals your wabbits by 1 HP. Death: Wabbits gain +1AT until end of their turn.

Feeled Rat
Current: 2 AP, 2/2/3, Gains +2 AT as long as you have an Uptown Rat in play.
Suggestion: 2 AP, 2/1/3, Gains +1 AT and +2 AR as long as you have an Uptown Rat in play.

Uptown Rat
Current: 2 AP, 2/2/3, Gains +2 AR as long as you have a Feeled Rat in play.
Suggestion: 2 AP, 1/2/3, Gains +2 AT and +1 AR as long as you have a Feeled Rat in play.

King of the Gobballs
​​​​​​​Current: 2 AP, 1/1/3, Appearence: Gains +1 AT and +1 AR per other Allied Gobball in play.
Suggestion: 2 AP, 2/2/3, Appearence: Gains +1 AT and +1 HP per other Allied Gobball in play. 

Pruned Rat
​​​​​Current: 2 AP, 1/2/3, Returns to your hand from your discard pile whenever one of your Rats dies.
Suggestion: 2 AP, 1/2/3, Returns to your hand from your discard pile whenever an allied non-Chafer Rat dies. Add the Chafer subtype.

​​​​​​​Current: 2 AP, 1/2/2, Summon a Mushd on an adjecant cell if it survives damage.
Suggestion: 2 AP, 1/2/2, Summon 2 Mushd next to it, on the same line if it survives damage.  

Black Snoofle
​​​​​​​Current: 3 AP, 3/2/3, Gains +2 MP and Untargetable as long as there is a Chest in play.
Suggestion: 3 AP, 3/2/3, Gains +1 AT, +2 MP and Untargetable as long as there is a Chest in play.

Boney Wabbit
​​​​​​Current: 3 AP, 3/2/2, Appearance: Charges 2 cells per allied Cawwot in play.
Suggestion: 3 AP, 3/2/2, Pile of Bones, Appearance: Charges 2 cells per allied Cawwot in play. Add the Chafer family type.

Crobak Chief
​​​​​​Current: 3 AP 2/4/2, Leader: +1 MP to your other Crobaks
Suggestion: 3 AP 3/4/2, Leader: +1 MP to your other Crobaks.

Dandy Lion
​​​​​​Current: 3 AP, 3/3/2, Appearance: Reduce the AT of a minion with at least 2 AT by 1.
Suggestion: 3 AP, 2/3/2, Appearance: Reduce the AT of a minion to half its total AT rounded up.

Full Moon
​​​​​​Current: 3 AP, 2/4/-, Wall, Leader: +1 AT to allied Boowolves, as long as Full Moon is in play your Boowolves suffer 1 less damage.
Suggestion: 3 AP, 2/4/-, Wall, Leader: All Allied Boowolves gain +1 AT and Resistance 1. This ability does not stack with other Full Moons.

Ink Jelly
​​​​​​Current: 3 AP, 2/2/2, Death: gives +1 AT and +1 AR to allied Jellies.
Suggestion: 3 AP, 2/2/3, Death: gives +1 AT and +1 AR to allied Jellies. 

Orange Larva
​​​​​​Current: 3 AP, 1/4/2, Apprearance: Destroys a minions AR.
Suggestion: 3 AP, 2/4/2, Apprearance: Destroys a minions AR and Shield.

​​​​​​Current: 3 AP, 1/4/3, Counterattack: Inflict 1 damage on minions on adjacent cells.
Suggestion: 3 AP, 2/4/3, Counterattack: Inflict 1 damage on minions on adjacent cells.

White Larva
​​​​​​Current: 3 AP, 1/3/2, As long as White Larva is in play, prism effects are not triggered.
Suggestion: 3 AP, 1/4/1, As long as White Larva is in play, prism effects are not triggered.

Wild Sunflower
​​​​​​Current: 3 AP, 3/4/2, Appearence: Destroy a Seed, a  Bomb, a bag of Loot, a Glyph or a Pile of Bones in play.
Suggestion: 3 AP, 3/4/2, Appearence: Destroy a Seed, a  Bomb, a bag of Loot, a Glyph or a Pile of Bones in play, if not, gain +1 AT.

Ancestral Dhreller
​​​​​​Current: 4 AP, 4/3/2, Appearance: Banishes the last 2 cards that went to each players discard pile.
Suggestion: 4 AP, 3/3/2, Appearance: Banish a card from the opponents discard pile, discard all similar cards in the opponents hand.

​​​​​​Current: 4 AP 2/2/3, Gives +1 AT and +1 AR to your other Arachnees whenever a minion returns to its owners hand.
Suggestion: 3 AP 2/2/3, Gives +1 AT and +1 AR to all allied Arachnees whenever a minion returns to its owners hand.
Cursed Rose
​​​​​​Current: 4 AP, 2/3/2, Inflict 1 damage on minions that injure your minions during a fight. 
Suggestion: 5 AP, 5/3/2, Inflict 1 damage on enemy minions that injure your other minions. 

Dark Rose
Current: 4 AP, 3/3/2, Appearance: gives a minion Irremovable. 
Suggestion: 4 AP, 4/4/2, Appearance: gives a minion Irremovable. 
Current: 4 AP, 3/3/3, Range: 1-5, Armor-Piercing.
Suggestion: 4 AP, 3/3/3, Range: 1-4, Armor-Piercing.

Current: 4 AP, 3/3/3, Range: 1-5, +2 AT if an allied Brotherhood of the Tofu is in play.
Suggestion: 4 AP, 3/3/3, Range: 1-4, +2 AT if an allied Brotherhood of the Tofu is in play.

Current: 4 AP, 3/3/3, Range: 1-5, Gains +2 Range if an allied Brotherhood of the Tofu is in play.
Suggestion: 4 AP, 3/3/3, Range: 1-4, Gains +2 Range if an allied Brotherhood of the Tofu is in play.

​Current: 4 AP, 1/4/2, Heals your other minions by 2 HP whenever one of your minions dies.
Suggestion: 4 AP, 2/4/2, Heals all allied minions by 2 HP whenever one of your minions die.

​Current: 4 AP, 2/4/3, Appearance: Charges 2 cells if you have a Moogrr in play.
Suggestion: 4 AP, 2/4/3, Appearance: Charges 1 cells for each Moogrr you have in play.
Sham Moon***
​Current: 4 AP, 4/4/3, End of Turn: Make other minions AT Equal to his own.
Suggestion: 4 AP, 4/5/3, End of Turn: Make all non-ranged minions AT Equal to his own. 

​​​​​​Current: 4 AP, 4/4/2, Appearance: Gains +1 AT per Arachnee in play. 
Suggestion: 5 AP, 4/4/2, Has +1 AT per Arachnee in play. Death: Draw the first Arachnee from your deck.

​​​​​​Current: 5 AP, 4/4/3, Appearance: Draw the first Boowolf from your deck.
Suggestion: 5 AP, 3/4/3, Appearance: Draw the first Boowolf from your deck.

​​​​​​​King Jellix
​​​​​​Current: 5 AP, 4/5/2, End of Turn: Retrieve a random Jelly from your discard pile, it costs 1 AP less.
Suggestion: 5 AP, 4/5/2, End of Turn: Retrieve a Jelly of your choice from your discard pile to your hand.
​​​​​​Current: 5 AP, 1/1/3, Counterattack: Turns the minion that damaged it into a Bush. 
Suggestion: 5 AP, 1/2/3, Counterattack: Turns the minion that damaged it into a Bush. 

Shin Larva
Current: 5 AP, 5/6/2, Your larvae gain +1 AT and Charge when they enter into play.
Suggestion: 5 AP, 5/6/2, Charge, Your larvae gain +1 AT, +1 AR and Charge when they enter into play.

Wo Wabbit
​Current: 5 AP, 3/4/3, Appearance: Gives +1 AT and +1 AR per allied Cawwot in play to your other Wabbits.
Suggestion: 5 AP, 4/5/2, Appearance: Summon a Cawwot. Death: Retrieve a Cawwot from your Discard pile.

Current: 5 AP, 5/4/2, Appearance: inflicts 1 damage to the first minion in front of it.
Suggestion: 5 AP, 5/4/2, Armor-Piercing, Appearance: inflicts 1 damage to the first minion in front of it.

Necro Drheller
​Current: 6 AP, 4/5/2, As long as it is in play discarded card are banished instead.
Suggestion: 6 AP, 5/5/2, Pile of bones, Banish the top 3 cards from each players Graveyard. If a Paladir is banished this way, gain Untargetable. Add Chafer subtype.

Current: 6 AP, 5/3/2, Death: Summons 2 Arachnees next to or behind it.
Suggestion: 6 AP, 5/3/2, Appearance: Summon a Crobak in front of it. Death: Summons 2 Arachnees next to it.

Whispered Crackrock
Current: 6 AP, 3/4/2, Resistance 1, Death: Summon a Standard bearing Whisperer.
Suggestion: 6 AP, 3/4/2, Resistance 1, Death: Summon a Standard Bearing Whisperer then Whisperers and Cracklers you control gain +1 AR.

​Current: 7 AP, 6/7/2, Appearance: Repels a minion by 2 cells.
Suggestion: 7 AP, 6/6/2, Final Blow: gains +1 AT and +1 ARDeath: Add a hair to the opponents hand, it costs 2 AP more.

Ancestral Crackler
​Current: 8 AP 4/6/2, Resistance 1, Death: Summon a Crackrock.
Suggestion: Current: 7 AP 4/5/2, Resistance 1, Death: Summon a Crackrock.
Ancestral Treechnid
Current: 8 AP, 7/5/2, Death: Summon 2 Crobaks next to or behind it.
Suggestion: 8 AP, 8/5/2, Death: Summon 2 Crobaks next to or behind it.

Current: 9 AP, 3/5/2, Death: Adds 3 other Bandits to your hand. 
​​​​​​​Suggestion:  9 AP, 3/6/3, Death: Adds 3 other Bandits to your hand. They cost 3 AP less.

Current: 9 AP, 6/4/3, First Strike, Leader: +2 AT and +1 MP to your other minions.
Suggestion: 10 AP, 6/4/3, First Strike, Leader: +2 AT and +1 MP to your other minions.
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it's nice to see someone doing this. I know it can be quite a work to write it all down. I read through your ideas and would like to give another opinion on it in a moment.
But first I have two critic points: First I think the title of the thread is a bit unfitting. Although some of those cards might objectively need balancing, it's still only a subjective opinion on the matter. Really this is a "not neccessarily complete list of cards that need adjustments in our opinion".
Second, and this ties in a bit to the first point, it would have been nice to also read about WHY you think these changes are needed and appropriate. Although I know this would've taken a lot more time, this might be the more interesting part. I try to include some of those reasons in this second-opinion.

I would include two cards here:
Gzenah "(2) 1/1/3" could go up to "(2) 2/1/3" to match the Chafer Bow Meow card. I think it's a little shame that a class card with basically the same text has less stats then a Neutral card, especially given how much Bow Meows one can include in a deck.

Call to Brawl "(6), Draw 3 Iops" could easily go down to at least a cost of (5). At first I wasn't a big fan of the very cheap card draw Krosmaga seems to have as a standard now and I still think some card draw cards are a bit over the top, but I understand that a game with no automatic actions like Hero/God abilities that don't use up a card has to give the players more possibilites with actual cards.
The Cowardly Maskemane already does it: Draw 3 and get a 3/4/3 body for the same cost of (6) and he is a Neutral card. Therefore I think a Krosmic class card has to perform better like Call to Brawl does right now. Actually if you compare Call to Brawl with Fertilizer or Sarcophagus which both already draw 2 and are non-Krosmic, you could even go for a cost of (4).

I agree with a buff for Bluff and a cost of (2) seems quite fine, although I doubt this card would ever become popular.
Now onto Hunter: At first I read your suggestion as "It costs 5" and thought, man, this is a pretty big nerf you suggest; then I realized you wrote "5 less". I agree with a change like this, it reminds me of Jahash*** (he used to make the drawn spell cost 0, like Hunter does it with minions right now).
I have an own suggestion, though (based on your idea):
"(2), Draw 1 card. Its cost 4 AP less if it is a minion, or 4 AP more if it is a spell."
This way it isn't so extremely neck breaking if you happen to draw a spell. I think even the RNG based class shouldn't have such big punishments for a fail (compare with old Eca Roulette, which used to kill the target on a thrown 6 but got changed). 4 AP less for minions is still big, you win 2 AP tempo for basically nothing but including Hunter while also not having to fear drawing and discrding another "Hunter" (or any other spell).

Sorry, but I do not agree with Robin Falsehood. I understand that he can seem oppressive with his guaranteed double-attack early on, but this still just makes him basically a 4/1 which is acceptable I think. It's important for the class to be able to play something proactively on it's own to get the game going and this is the only card that does this early on. I'd rather change some other things about Crâ fundamentally.

I agree with Elite Scout, though. I had the same idea already: make only one part of his ability scale up and have the other part fixed on "+1 Cra" (3 range / 4 AT). I think the range scaling is the more "interesting" part, although it's the more "when I win, I now win more" part, too. Would probably need some testing alongside other Crâ changes, to determine which scaling is the better one.

Marking right now is somewhat strong, yeah, but also not completely out of powerlevel.
Compare it to "Feca Shield" (+3 AR for 2) or "Klassy Tom" (+2 AT for 2, plus small body). The AT buff is notable for the good synergy with the Crâ class, but class cards are meant to build up synergy, aren't they? "Klassy Tom" also has great synergy with First Strike.
But I have to say I also like your own version of Marking. It still fits the name and overall idea. It would be a worse "Time Waster" although the very good synergy with Crâ might justify it. It also reminds me of the Iop card "Power" which only costs (1) but doesn't effect your minions in enemy territory.
So in conclusion, I think you could leave the card as it is, but for the sake of having less "win more" cards, which are arguably problematic for the Crâ class, the suggested change would be a good step.

I also do not agree with Rapid Fire. Right now it's basically "Shovel Kiss" with a possible plus, but also a requirement. If it deals 3, it's just fine. If it deals more, then you usually already had to put in some work. There is no Crâ minion with 5 AT baseline. It can deal 4 on it own, which is a minor plus, but if it deals 5+ you already had to combine it with other buff cards. On the other hand, this can be a dead card in your hand, too. Standard situation: Opponent plays a minion, you play a Crâ against it, opponent's minion walks -> Rapid Fire is not useable (requires you to already had a second spawn row or range buff). Every other damage spell would be good here. It really is an unflexible spell that requires you to already win a lane or to risk an MP buff (then you can play a minion between the opponent's minion and your Dofus and use Rapid Fire) and in both cases it's a one card for one card trade at max. Also is bad on 2 AT minions.

(I wrote kind of a lot to the Crâ cards, but don't think I'm a Crâ main and those opinions are biased. Crâ makes a tenth of my gameplay, like every other class does.)

The suggested -1 HP to Corrupted Healer would be okay, I guess. It reminds me of the -1 HP "Luke O'Cyte" already got. On the other hand, the "you can heal me up" part is the needed bonus to make the card have an upside over Sergeant Izungry. 4/7 still does it of course, and the Orb is also a bonus, but actually I'm not sure if Heal Eni performs even mediocre right now and the change might be rather unneccessary.

I guess the change to Infected Flask would reduce some possibilites in combination with "Psykosis Flask". It also would make sure only an AT value the opponent played themself can get used against the HP values they played themself. Also the trade between opponent's AT and own AT is obviously the most common trade, so it would only be a minor restriction. To be honest though, although these change sounds fair, I think it's a rather unneccassary restriction. It's nice to have some more creative ways to play with a spell, and not have a certain use forced onto you.

Here's my own suggested change to Cheerful Peacemaker:
"(5) 3/4/3, Deals 1 damage to all enemy minions, whenever an allied minion is healed"
to "(5) 3/6/3, Deals 1 damage to all minions in front of her, whenever an allied minion is healed".
It's not very clever to have an effect that can trigger between 0 and Infinite times also be an AoE effect. The number of times the damage effect triggers already multiplies with your own capability of healing (which by the way can also come from AoE heals), so it shouldn't also multiply with the amount of enemy minions in play. This can create too big of an impact at some times, while also being really bad most of the times, due to the needed nerf that already happened. Instead I would go for a limited AoE effect (less crucial for the opponent when she goes off several times) and buff the stats instead (better for the Eniripsa player if they don't hold much or any healing at the time). At first I thought about her as a (4) 3/4/3 again, but I think it's more important to have some 5 AP options for Eniripsa. And why 3/6 instead of 4/5? The 3/6 body relies more on getting at least some triggers of her ability while also given more time to do that because of the higher health, so it overall puts the ability more in the foreground. As a 4/5 she may become just an good card on her own, even with no triggers.

Another suggestion from me for Malox Makugen:
"(7) 3/6/3, Deals 1 damage to the enemy Dofus on her row, whenever an allied minion is healed"
to "(7) 5/6/3, End of Turn: Heals both players' Dofus on her row by 1 HP."
I don't think we need another effect that triggers from allies getting healed and I also think her effect right now is boring while she's also having really bad stats. So I would change the effect to the rather unexplored realm of healing a Dofus which is a trait Eniripsa apparently inherits, while also giving the option to damage the enemy Dofus with Blood Sucker Tsu Tsu at the cost of own Dofus health. In theory you could even go double on the enemy with Sir Flexington + Blood Sucker or get some triggers from Julith***. It would be really cool to have this effect I think.

I too think Sacrifice should get a buff and although I think the suggested bonus effect is interesting, it would probably be too limited. There aren't that many death effects in Krosmaga I can think off right now, considering that death effects that summon another minion cannot get doubled. I personally would go with a more boring yet quite effective "Draw a card" instead of doubling the death effect, this would make Sacrifice more similar to Meteorite Shower. However having the double-death effect would definitely be a cool niché thing to have in the game.

I like the little nerf to Moribund. At first it might seem the card needs some sort of upside over "Compulsion" to make up for the forced death, but really the forced death is already a big bonus of flexibility, since it can get used on an enemy minion, too. So I fully agree on this, there is no need for the +3 AT instead of just +2, since I'm pretty sure that the worse version would still get played. And as always: A nerf on one card opens up some space for buffs on other cards.

For example on Offended Oracle? This is a hard one. I personally would love to see this exact buff I already thought about myself. But to be honest here, this buff would probably be too much. The reason for the buff would be to make dealing damage to own Neutral minions more rewarding. And although this sounds good, I think this reward would come in a little too easy. Dealing damage to own minions can already be quite rewarding, for example if those minions have Counterattack-like effects, so it's up to the player to make the best of this "downside" of the class and not get free stats for it so easily. Also simply compare "Offended Oracle" to "Kibri" or "Meticulous Synchronizer" both which have very smilar effects but are way more costly. I think in this case it's fine that only Sacrier minions get the full buff, so the "injuring Sacrier-minions archetype" gets supported more and Neutral minions simply get a swap of HP to AT with the Oracle.

Now to my own problem with both Bodyguards, Silas the Solitary and Bould Erdash:
Since the overkill damage is transferred to the protected minion, these cards are more like an AR buffing spell than real minions. But overkill damage being "wasted" is one of the most important game mechanics that especially new players learn quickly. Therefore it feels very unnatural that this isn't the case with Bodyguards. They kind of defy the basic rules of how minion HP work. Well, again, because they are more like spells than minions. So why not have Silas be a (3) AP spell that buffs 4 AR? Oh, right, because this very same class already has this exact spell, Sanguine Armor. To me the Bodyguard changes are completely illogical. That's why I suggest the following:
Silas the Solitary "(4) 3/4/3, Bodyguard" with the old way Bodyguard works of course, as well as
Bould Erdash "(6) 4/6/3, Bodyguard".
This way they are more like actual minions, first because Bodyguard would again work like you'd expect it and second because with their better stats you'd have the flexibility of just playing them without the Bodyguard ability, if the situation calls for it. The higher cost of Silas also would make sure that he isn't in the same AP slot as Sanguine Armor is and that he does not dominate the early game so hard as he used to do.

I definitely have a card to add here: Cammy Kazzy.
"(3) 2/3/3, Deals 4 damage to the next minion your opponent plays, then suffers 2 damage" to
"(3) 3/3/3, Deals 3 damage to the next minion your opponent plays, then suffers 2 damage".
The disruptive power this card provides in the early game right now can be insane. As the Sadidas' opponent it just feels extremely bad if you have to feed one of your better cards into her when lacking a small minion, losing the card and your whole turn. I would want to make sure that it feels more acceptable to take the full damage by having more minions survive it, rather than trying to always avoid as much damage as possible by playing supportive cards like "Glai", "Klassy Tom" or the best case card "Young Drheller" into her. Because in those cases it's the Sadida player who feels bad. You should feel more free to play a Wabbit for example into her and have it survive, while on the other hand the Sadida player might also be more happy to have his card deal the full damage and be left with a 3/1/3, a stat line like "Djaycy" that's quite rare in the game but I think is a stat line that goes well with interesting effects like Cammy Kazzy's. Also notice the flavor she has when the damage she deals with her effect matches her own AT value.

I think the second suggestion you gave for Deviousness is quite clever to stop the cycling with Bakara and/or Second Wind. But I also think this is a legitimate strategy to build a deck around, so right now I don't mind it staying as it is, while I would also understand if it were to be changed.

The same thing goes for Rebate. I think it's a cool card right now, allowing you to get to your Neutral cards more consistently without losing card advantage and therefore I wouldn't change the card, but I could understand a change, since it might feel a bit too unfair. Although less so than "Deviousness", so actually here I much rather have the card left untouched.

Now onto Army of Shadows and Sanction, the two Krosmic cards almost no Sram plays. I agree on buffs for both of them, but would go for slightly different changes. Reducing "Sanction's" cost from (10) to (8) is certainly a good step but why have it banish itself? If the player choses to combine it with Second Wind or Bakara, then let them execute on this game plan. It's not that this isn't a thing with Devotion or Light Speed, etc. already, and repeatedly paying 10 cards from your discard pile really isn't that easy. Now, I could see that for 10 AP the combination Sanction + Second Wind might actually be a bit scary, on the other hand this play does absolutely nothing to the board state and still isn't winning you a Dofus. You would need another turn to play Sanction for 8 again where it still cannot get combined with a Curse, so it would take yet another turn to finally get 2 Dofus out of the 4 you might need. So reducing the cost, yes, banish it, no.
For Army of Shadows I think you didn't really address the problem. The problem is that this card uses up your whole turn leaving you with not enough AP to play the Srams you just got, while you also probably don't even have enough hand space to hold all the value this card could potentially provide to you. Reducing the cost by 1 seems a good first step, but I think it doesn't quite make it, and giving the retrieved Srams +1/+1 doesn't achieve much. Also I'm not a big fan of buffs on cards that are still in your hand and this isn't a thing in Krosmaga (yet). Instead I would go for something like this: "(8), Retrieve all Srams from your discard pile. They cost 1 AP when played this turn." In this case I think 8 AP is a better fit, playing 2 Srams along side it should be enough. This might also combo well with "Emma Sacker" who you could play for (1) and follow it up by another Sram for (0).
Alternatively "(8), Retrieve all Srams from your discard pile. They cost 2 AP less." Could also go with  a cost of (7). I like the (8) though, because it makes it clear that with 4 retrieved Srams you get the cost back exactly, and starting with 5 retrieved Srams you'd win AP. Anyways, I would try to introduce some sort of cost reduction for the Srams, so it truly feels like you can play out an "Army of Shadows".

Last but not least I would reduce the cost for Unmasked, for the very same reason "Bluff" should get its cost reduced. The effect of revealing a Dofus is usually found relativley cheap on Neutral cards, if this really is supposed to be a special thing for Sram, then have it cost (3) or even (2) (careful with Vampyro, though!).

...really? Here I was rather surprised. The only change you would do to Xelor is a completely out of place nerf for one of the weaker cards from this class? Since this class has basically no buffs for their minions (unlike Iop for example), nor do the minions have exceptionally good abilites (like Feca, or Cra), there aren't much good targets to silence when playing against Xelor. As a result when your decks contains silence, you are probably still holding it when Radoris gets played, and this is like the best card in the game to silence. It doesn't even have to be a silence, Armor-Piercing does is aswell. So no, we don't want to change this card. It's flexible and it can be a very big threat, yes, but this is like its only ability and again super weak to silence and Armor-Piercing.

Instead maybe we should have a look at Teleportation. This card in itself is a win condition and as a result the Xelor class has never been in a bad spot. In this way it's much similar to "Psykosis Flask", which also is a win condition in itself. Psykosis Flask on the other hand is much harder to play, because it requires you to interact with your opponent's minions (oh no) and therefore rely on their plays. It also has to get combined with AT buffs or (preemptively played, and therefore telegraphing the Flask play) Curses and overall lacks flexibility. It still got nerfed a bit, reducing the flexibility even more.
Yet there is Teleportation, untouched to this day. It can get played onto a 4 MP minion with no further support and obviously can get combined with any MP buff. Also it has the flexibility to basically kill off any of your opponent's minion when needed. This card should either only work on allied minions, reducing the flexibility, or have its cost highered to maybe (8), or both. I would try out an unchanged text with a cost of (8) and see how it goes.

I pretty much like the little change to Greed. It feels truly "enutrofic" since it would work similar to the "Pickaxe" loot, which also reduces the cost of the drawn card by 1.

I have two more suggestions:
Ratchet in my opinion is just super dull. This is the dumbest way to make an apparantly bad class win more often, to give them a cheap and easy way to deal Dofus damage. It's like a short link to victory if everything else this class could do to win instead failed. I would change his ability to be like "Emma Zone's" effect: "Deals 1 damage to the first minion or Dofus in front of her, whenever you play a spell". With collecting loot instead of casting spells of course. This way his Dofus damage could get blocked, while he would get more interaction with opposing minions and maybe could fight his way through them up to the opponent's Dofus by himself. You could still combine him with for example "Lucky Find" the turn you play him on an empty lane to get some Dofus damage done, but after that your opponent would get the opportunity to block it.

Also Kibri: He could simply need one more stat point, so I'd buff him from a (5) 3/3/3, to a (5) 3/4/3. This makes him easier to compare to the "Black Wabbit" for example, who is like a normal Wabbit + a "Spade" loot, while Kibri would be a normal Wabbit + an "Elixir of Life" loot. For all your minions of course, but since he also destroys an own prism and is a class card, this should be totally fine. Giving Enutrof more ways to win without relying on Ratchet's cheat mechanic right here!

Oof, in my opinion this class is just a mess. If you ask me, this classes playstyle does not belong in Krosmaga. It's like all classes are playing Checkers and Feca comes with Chess pieces. I would get rid off the Rallying mechanic as a passive Feca trait completely and have it be an ability that certain Feca minions have as their special thing. In exchange giving most Feca minions 3 MP base. Also rework the Glyph mechanic to maybe give +1 AR to Neutral minions and +2 AR to Feca minions, and that's it, no more AR the more lanes you have Glyphs in.
But if we for now accept this snowbally snowball of a snowballing class that either crushes completely or gets crushed completely and is super unfun to play against as well as playing with, because every decks contains the same cards, always follows the same game plan and therefore always plays out the same (except Scara Feca), than I would comment on your suggestions like this:
Warning: yes, change it like suggested
Jeanne Kholmine: no, let it be
Armored Alchemist: yes
Crashing Wave: yes
Feca Master: no, maybe change cost to (10)
New Wave: Here I have an own suggestion:
"(4), During this turn your Feca minions cost 3 AP less but not less than 1 AP."
Since this card is supposed to bring out a "New Wave" of Fecas, it should have something to do with reducing AP cost I think. With this certain suggestion it always has to get combined with more cards the turn it gets played, instead of just playing it on its own and be always active. Also it would achieve nothing to play only one card alongside of it, since you would pay 4 and then have one card's cost reduced by 3. So to get something out of it, you would need to play at least 3 cards in one turn, which means at least 6 AP. Example of an optimal turn 6: New Wave + 4 cost Feca (costing 1) + 4 cost Feca (costing 1). This way you played out 8 AP worth of stuff, with New Wave basically being "(0) Gain 2 AP this turn". By turn 10 you could play up to 6 Fecas with it, requiring them to all cost 4 or less. Every cost above 4 uses up one possible Feca. Possible Example: You want to combine "Melita" with "Crail" (like you always did with old New Wave, right?). They cost 4 + 7. With New Wave it's possible to have them cost 1 + 4 instead, so with the 4 AP from New Wave itself you now can even play another Feca between 1 and 4 AP alongside them. Sounds good, but really not to strong.

Neutral cards
I'm sorry, but I don't want to go over all of these, too. It's just to much. Overall I agree that there are a lot of Neutral cards that could need some upgrades.
I just want to mention I really like the change to Orange Larva to be a tec-card against AR and shields aswell.
Also I very much like the change to Baddoboss. Having him still cost (9) and then making the 3 Bandits he gives you all cost 3 AP less is really clever, since 3x3 makes up for the whole initial cost.
I'm not so sure about his higher HP, though. I see that 3 AT + 6 HP is again 9, maybe this is intended flavor? But I think 4/5 would fit him a bit better then, since you actually want him to die.

Now onto some of my own complaints, which are more about Infinite cards:
First off, Evangelyne. I already wrote a super long text about her, somewhere here in the forum. So I'm not going to do this again, it's all out there already. In short: She gives the controlling player a huge possible advantage, while she has no downside or in other words: no risk, high reward. With the latest changes she even got BUFFED. Simply exchange Evagelyne*** with * in no-Brotherhood-decks and you now get Armor-Piercing for free, or exchange her with ** in Brotherhood-decks and have the useless +2 range upgraded to a useful +2 AT. It's beyond my mind why somebody wanted to do that. Simple change: Reduce the base 1-5 range to 1-4. This way she still has the first attack when played proactively but at least gives the opposing player one more turn to react to her before she attacks the Dofus. This also makes the choice between +2 AT and +2 range more interesting when played in a Brotherhood deck.

Then Lilotte. I think it's cool that her base stats are now all the same and her ability to charge 1 cell when something happens, too, and you now get to choose what this something shall be. But when you look at the 3 possibilities, the *** version still is the best by far. I would change Lilotte*** text to:
"Charges 1 cell, whenever you play a spell" instead of you playing a card. This then would be the exact opposite of Lilotte* (opposing minions vs own spells), which is quite nice.

A little suggested change to Goultard***: Change his cost from (9) to (10). Really there is no reason for him to not cost the maximum amount of AP. I feel like "Milkar" got designed with the idea of being a 10 cost minion: the cost already set and the stats and effect designed around it. I think the same thing should have been done with Goultard***: He's fricking Goultard, so let's make the cost as high as possible so we can give him the biggest and coolest effect possible. Him costing (9) instead just makes it so he can come out this one turn earlier which can already be way too devastating and alo he can get combined with "Phase Difference"... why is this needed? It also creates the feeling that he could have been even stronger, if only he costed 1 AP more, although obviously he really shouldn't be stronger. In other words: Goultard*** is a (10) cost card costing (9) for no good reason.

Last but not least: Toxine. I'm sorry, but a card that interacts with the card quality/rarity has to be the most ill-conceived thing to exist. Card rarity should only matter for your collection when figuring out the crafting/disenchanting cost. The rarity does not at all reflect their abilities or stats in the actual match and therefore no card should interact with it. Especially not in the way Toxine does it: straight up killing off several minions at once, when they happen to have the "wrong" rarity.
So here's my suggestion:
Toxine* "(3) 2/3/3, Appearance: Destroy a minion with 2 HP or less",
Toxine** "(5) 3/3/3, Appearance: Destroy a minion with 3 HP or less",
Toxine*** (7) 4/3/3, Appearance: Destroy a minion with 4 HP or less".
She would serve as single-target hard removal and could win lanes for you in a way Marline or Adamai already do it, so you could compare her to them. The HP threshold would feel very Sram-like ("Spectral duelist" also features an HP threshold to destroy other minions) and there's a nice little connection between the HP threshold and her AT value: she only destroys minions with her Appearance effect that she would also be able to destroy in direct combat.
The upside of this exact wording is that she can ignore AR, shields and Bodyguards, while also not triggering Counterattacks, since she deals no real damage. The downside is of course, that you cannot deal damage to a minion with more HP to combine this with the attack of another minion, so she wouldn't work well with range or first strike.

Oh, one final idea:
I do not like the way the Necro ability works right now, because it's possible to grind out your opponent with the bonus Orbs you can get when revealing a Dofus. Some classes have Necros as a standard inclusion, others don't, so if two slower decks play against each other, the player that happens to include or even just draw more Necros not only gets the one Orb at a time, but can be super greedy and even go for a second Orb. This becomes even more annoying and actually unfair in Draft mode, where the number of Necros per decks may vary greatly.
My suggested change is, that not 3 Orbs form a Golden Orb and then 2 Golden Orbs form the Necronomigore, but instead 2 Orbs already form a Golden Orb and 3 Golden Orbs form the infamous book. You could then make it so, that revealing a Dofus gives out a Golden Orb directly, this would in some situations reduce the needed hand space by one and also be a bit more clean mechanic-wise.
Even when not revealing a Dofus this would need the players that don't want to get a Golden Orb to adjust their playing: You would always have to play Necro->Orb->Necro->Orb->etc. which is kind of cool flavour-wise: It's like a "safety pattern" against the dark powers of the Necronomigore; when you mess it up, a Golden Orb forms, bringing you closer to the book itself. On the other hand since it would be easier to get a Golden Orb (simply do a reveal or "mess up the pattern") and you could get more of them during a match, players might more often chose the Dofus immunity effect, which could be interesting. You could also hold 2 Golden Orbs at the same time, making it easier to chain them over two turns.

That's it from me for now, thank you for reading through this all!
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I like a lot of these suggestions and comments youve got for it. Youre right about a lot of things.

Ill be editing my post quite a bit after this. And Ill let you know the reasons for the inclusion or absense of your suggestions. ^^

About your first points of criticism, the reason I wrote "need" balancing, is partly because my english vocabulary is limited and I dont know what would be a better word.
And I call it "complete", simple because thats what I would like it to become in the future. wink
The reason i didnt say why id like these changes is because I was afraid people simply wouldnt read it, this post is SUPER LONG already, so I wanted to try and keep it as short as I could. It can be summerised though as: while I know cards games by design have cards that are better than others, I just think its a waste to have cards that are literally unusable unless you want to lose, so Id like to see all cards be somewhat equally usable to at least some extent.

Now, regarding your individual suggestions...

I did consider Gzenah for this, but I thought, her being a Iop, alone was enough to make up for the 1 AT difference, since there are cards that specifically intaract with Iops, and Iops generally are more versitile than Bow-meows. When considering class specific cards, you have to keep in mind all the spell interaction potential that comes with that class.
I like your point about Call to Brawl though. Ill add it at (5) AP, since Iop already has additional decent draw in the form of Breath.

I like your Idea with Hunter, it makes it much more versitile in non-super specialised Ecaflip decks. Might just change it to the spell costing 2 AP more though, since if you lose, you already wasted 2 AP casting Hunter. And so that if you draw a Dice or a 7+ cost spell, it wont be almost impossible to play it, just bothersome.

I agree that id like to see a complete overhaul of Cra, rather than any small changes to her individual cards, but even in my wildest dreams, I cant imagine that happening, so thats why I just included these suggesions instead :/

I dont think Robin Falsehood is a bad card in and of itself. My problem is just how much even small buffs affect him. Even +1 attack effectively makes him a 6/1, No regular minions can survive that early game, and none can charge far enough to face him either. If he gets +1 MP or +1 Range on an undefended lane he hits the dofus on his first move. On a defended lane, the extra range makes it so only 4MP minion get a chance to retalie the next turn, making him a 6/1 without at buffs, a 9/1 with an AT buff. In summary, Robin Falsehood only needs a nerf because of the great value he gets from even minor buffs. I agree cra needs something proactive early on, but I dont agree that dominating and trading with any card of the same or greater AP cost, should come for free, it should be earned by combos.

Im glad you agree with me on Elite Scout and Marking and also can see why Id like to change these cards. Cra really does have an ability to snowball a game, that is matched only by Feca. (Also the symbol for weaken is literally a making target so I think it fits happy)

Youre completely right about Rapid Fire, I'll remove that one.

Yeah Corrupted Healer isnt exactly overopowered, and it may seem unnesesary, but I wanted to be fair about this, and not overlook cards simply because you dont often see them used to their fullest potential in practice.

The change to Infected Flask is as you say, an idea to give the opposing player a chance to "play around it" to a certain extent an try to minimize the potential harm of the spell to a slight degree. It may seem unnesecary to most, but to those who like playing the mindgames Id argue a seemingly small change like this matters.

Im gonna need more time to think before I add Cheerful Peacemaker to the list. I can see where youre coming from, but at the same time, she is only good as a combo card, she is only truly viable in healng decks (which as you mentioned arent even doing that hot right now) She does have great potential, but on her own, she is bad value. If taking your change to Malox into account, she would also be the only Enu card to use the healing for something offensive, so youd want it to be good. hmm.

I do really like your take on Malox Makugen though. Healing dofus is a good, if circumstansial ability that hasnt seen much action but does help out a lot against the more chip-damage like deck builds. I'll edit it in. And Eni has enough ways to damage dofuses directly with her Psychosis flask, Transformatosis and Seduction.

Youre right about Sacrifice, the card draw would make it much more versetile, and with the way . I just thought it might be cool to make the card a potential for some cool death combos like the Bandits and a few others. But Im going to edit it.

You feel the same way I do about Moribound. cool

Regarding offended Offended Oracle I intended for her own stats to get nerfed to make up for improving her ability again. I must have missed it.
When comparing her to her Enutrof and Xelor counterparts though, keep in mind that the Enutrofs ability DOES target all minions, not just other Enus making it more versetile, and The Xelors main ability is not buffing his creatures, so it makes sense for his ability to be more costly if you want the gods to be distinct with thier own strenghts and weaknesses. Also, both Enutrof and Xelor have cards that benefit well from the buffs (espcially Enu, if you include Chests)

Regarding the Bodyguard minions, I gotta say this is the first time where I truly disagree with you. Bodyguard minions differ from armor in 4 important ways.
1. The fact that you get a body on the board which can allows for combos with the cards that activate when a minion is injured and such. The body can also BOTH supply damage tanking for, and can deal chipdamge to opposing minions they may fight.
2. A card whose ability activates whenever it takes damage doesnt active when under the effects of Bodyguard, thus making Armor mostly BETTER than a bodyguard for certain minions.
3. Armorpiercing
In these ways Bodyguard is much different from a +AR ability, and especially regarding sacrierminions these small destinctions matter.
4. They are minions, so they dont interact with spell related cards.

Secondly, overall yes flavor-wise Bodyguard allowing the minion to absorb all additional damage before dying makes sense. But gameplay-wise, the easy-win combos become absolutely ridiculous. There were very good reasons they changed to the trample method of damage tanking.

Good suggestion for Cammy Kazzy. And with good reasons to boot. ^^

Deviousness is tricky, as it is a game winning card for Sram, and needs some setup to be pulled off. My gripe with it is simply how consistantly and seemingly out of nowhere Sram can pull this off, for little to no cost depending on there being an Eternal rest/ Vampyro involved or not. I agree that banishing itself seems too counterproductive for Sram, and Id prefer to see the formor suggestion of simply increasing its cost to at least be as high as a Charge.

I agree that Rebate is a cool card, and personally I actually really like it, but I just think its a bit too good for what it does. Also it really should go into his graveyard, cos thats where Sram should want his cards.

The reason Id want Sanction to banish itself is simple: It has an incredibly strong ability, and unlike Devotion and Lightspeed, there is no way to play around it via your own minion placements. Sanction can be used for great effect via dofus reveal cards like Unmasked. and if Sram has not just Bakara to return spells with, but also Second Wind. The fact that these abilities are so strong, combined with the fact that only Eniripsa or Grougaloragran can counter the ability, and how much easier it would be for Sram to retrieve his spell to use again just seems like too much. So I decided to make it more comparable to the other game ending cards that one cant even attempt to counterplay, like Xelors or Fecas 20AP cards. In the sense that it needs some setup, but can be pulled off (though usually effectively only once).

Personally I liked the "anticipation" aspect brought on by your opponent playing an Army of Shadows which meant incoming scary bad guys, Since I just think retrieving stuff from your graveyard is already a very good ability. But I like how you focused on the "army" aspect of the card. You may be right in that this card would be better, its not like Sram minions really need a buff anyhow. And with thier own abilies that synchronise with it somewhat, it could be very cool.

And I would give you Unmasked but, with the cards Sram has, combo or not, that allow him to instantly single out a dofus and deal direct damage to it in a single turn, having Unmasked be played for virtually no cost before he does this, thus making his targets obvious, seems like a little much.

Fair enough. Ill add it in.


Ratchet is a good suggestion, its been suggested many times beore, dont know why I forgot about it smile

Yeah Im into your Kibri suggestion as well.

Personally? Im of the opinion that almost all of Feca's problems comes from her insane Snowballing ability that stems from New Wave try playing a few games as Feca with no New Waves in your deck and suddenly she seems much more balanced, suddenly every card matters a LOT more and when you can play an average of 2 cards each turn suddenly her abilities become a lot less powerfull.
I agree the Glyps need some kind of nerf though, but this is more about the individual cards than overall game mechanics and abilities of the individual classes.

About Jeanne Kholmine Im comparing it to Master Shhudoku. Shield is a very good ability, and combined with the synergy offered by it with other Feca cards, plus the synergy that arises from it having the Rally ability and the fact that the card is a Feca, it only seems fair that it doesnt ALSO have better overall stats than its neutral counterpart.

Regarding new Wave, the problem I have with the card is that it allows for the insane snowballing everyone hates about Feca. Your suggestion of 3 AP but not less than 1 I actually like better than my own. Ill edit it in. happy

Now to the Neutrals and your own additions.
But first yeah, I realise its not the most efficiant stat to give Baddoboss 3/6, but I just REALLY liked the theme of "rule of 3", for this card.

Your Evangeline critique is valid.

About Lilotte***, I feel like your suggestion is going to make her obsolete. Playing spells is usually a situational thing, so playing 3 spells in one turn, or even over two turns, seems like it would mostly be very subobtimal. So I doubt anyone would want to play a Lilotte with that ability.

Ghoultard*** does need a nerf though, youre right. Theres a reson he is used so widely.

I honestly think Toxine is fine? You suggestion is also good, and I see the Sram flavor in it, Id like to see a card like that. But I also see the Sram flavor in her current form, considering she is afterall one of the Brotherhood of the Forgotten. She is very situational, so she is a risk, but she is something that can be played around, if you have any reason to suspect her inclusion in the opponents deck. I for one think its fun to have a card that actually interact with such a niche mechanic, it seems very Sram to cheat like that and suddenly make something that shouldnt matter, suddenly do.

I have no comment about Necro, I think its alright the way it is. Your suggestion is legit interresting, but Ill have to think about it more.

Thank you so much for your wonderfull addition to the post ^^
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There is an annoyance i have in a few cards.
Ill list them in 2 categories and then explain the problem and the fix.

1. The Recievers


2. The Dealers

Black Tiwabbit
Little Ogrest*
Cursed Rose
Julith Jurgen*
Little Ogrest**
Black Wabbit
Little Ogrest***
Corrupted Drheller
Julith Jurgen***
Royal Goball

Bloodsucker Tsu Tsu?

Ok so I only went through the neutral cards, and also didn't add cards that deal damage on death. or also cards that have the "COUNTERATTACK" ability.

Bloodsucker may make any minion that heals be added to this list also.

The problem is that effect damage should be different from attack damage.

The soultion is to have code for both types of damage. *Which there is* because spell damage exists.
if the extra damage these cards deals is classed as spell damage or even a third type then the trigger cards wont activate.

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