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The crackler is too weak.

By COSMOSMAX#8001 October 28, 2018, 01:46:33

Hello guys! First time posting here.

=1.5remWhy does the original Crackler have such low stats? I though big stone golems should be stronger than 3 ATK and 4 HP. 

Heck, a Tofu deals more damage, the default. a red PIWI deals the same damage. 

Sure, recieving -1 damage per attack is nice, but these things barely last. even the strongest fersion, the ancestral crackler, just has 2 more HP. 

I think stats on the whole line should be a lot more "pay a lot, ressist a lot", they could add AP cost to the minions, but give better stats.

This one's ok, being the "baby" of the monster line.
4 AP -> 5 AP
ATK: The same
HP: 4 -> 5

Ancestral crackler: 
8 AP -> 10  AP
HP: 6 -> 8
I like this change, given we don't have many 10 AP cards, and 8 is not too much HP, since it only deals 4 damage. 

Or add a Golden Crackler that ressists 2 HP, that would be nice for the archtype.
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i don't like your changes,you suggest to increase the cost by 20% just so he can give them slightly higher health.
also they seem balanced to me

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