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I dont usually post on forum, but this annoyed me too much already

By Kuwis#8829 September 29, 2018, 15:25:17

Please nerf Evangelyne. Everything from her is unbalanced right now. I think if at least the health is changed to 2, it will be good enough so people wont be so desperate to remove her from the field. Or maybe, starting range should be 1-4 so it wouldnt immeadiately damage Dofus on the next turn unless paired with another brotherhood of tofu. This thing is too broken for so long, why did Krosmaga even buffed the 1 & 2 star tho? nonsense

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The thing is, 2HP is too weak for an Infinite card, I think this was already discussed long time ago. She indeed can be annoying, but also, most of the time can be easily countered with silencing and damage spells.

The buff was because of the new system of infinite cards. Since leveling infinite cards doesn't exist anymore, lower * versions of a card being weaker made no sense.

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it can still be balanced by making more of the combo with brotherhood of tofu thing. For example: start with 1-3 range, but +2 range if there is another brotherhood of tofu. For me that would be nice. Im fine with it has a base attack of 4 at the start. I dont think the 1-5 range starting is balanced

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I totally agree, starting with 5 range is rediculous seeing this is a limited tiles game.

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