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are you sure about this?

By Lifewill#3077 September 16, 2018, 23:09:17


feca in general needs alots of nerfs but if you are not willing to nerf her as a whole at least nerf this particular card.
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It might just be me but whenever I've been matched against a Feca they run out of cards very quickly due to spamming because of new wave, I can understand the frustration with the card but once you've dealt with the initial rush of cards it's easy enough to win. 

You could easily look at one or two cards from each class and call them broken and overpowered. The most they should do is increase the AP cost to 5 so its harder to get the ball rolling, anything more would make the card worthless. 

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if a feca player manages to activate this card 3 times then the cards that would normally cost 6 cost 3 now.
this card should cost less and have an effect that lasts for 1 or two turns at most.

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