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Suggestion: group discussions or guilds

By Friki-F#8236 August 20, 2018, 21:58:28

Hello, greetings to the whole community!
I'm Friki-F, a member of the Spanish-speaking community.

Recently, a community called "Latinos Krosmaga" was created, bringing together hundreds of players with the idea of ​​creating bonds and learning from each other about the game. In recent times, it has given rise to several tournaments, where players from all over South America participated (the last one was based on the use of neutral card families, which was very interesting), but we soon realized that there were difficulties In the game to communicate among all, and from that need was born a good idea: the existence of group chats or the possibility of "guilds".

It happened that when players were playing, the rest of us wanted to share our impressions and discuss the moves, but it was difficult to have to communicate privately with each other, because we had to repeat the same message to several people or needed to speak in other applications, which is particularly difficult for those who play from the phone. Following this, we concluded that if there was a way to group players in the game or the possibility of group discussions, not only would it strengthen the Krosmaga community, but it would also improve ties between new players and veterans since they could learn all together.

TL, DR: We want to suggest group discussions or the possibility of "guilds" in the game, as this would connect players better and improve the sense of community in the game.

Thank you very much for your attention and I am sorry if I made mistakes sad since English is not my native language.

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