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Do Feca Glyphs need to make each other stronger?

By TheDove#6182 July 14, 2018, 18:14:43

First thing I want to get out of the way:
Glyphs are a good mechanic to carry over form other games to this one. I don't want it to go.

But there's just one problem, why do they start giving more armor for each different line they cover?
I don't see the point. By themselves glyphs are already rewarding the player, so I don't see the point of having each glyph be worth 3-5 armor. "You did good? Do even better!"
I mean, I can actually kinda see the point you're making with Feca being supposed to have a good mid/late game, but I don't think snowballing into 5(10?15?) armor is the way.

(Silence meta 2019?)

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well the thing is, that if they always only give one armor, they would be terrible for thier cost and limitations with only being playable on your side, and if they always give 2-3 armor, glyph-fecas playstyle would simply change to being mid-late game, to being early-mid-late game.

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I think a cost reduction on Feca Glyphs would be fine. And being able to play a few glyphs on the enemy side too- Those are more easily destroyed, after all.

There are a few problems with letting glyphs anywhere in the board(teleglyph and death glyph, mainly), but I think if we can make a exception for a few cards it would be worth it.

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I think that would really balance it out, and you could still get 3 armor by putting 3 on the same row if you want. I don't agree with the cost reduction either, they are so high because most glyphs have an amazing initial effect depending on the amount of minions around, the buffing, drawing, and damage effects are amazing as is. This simple nerf would really do wonders for feca too, I wouldn't even call it a nerf really, because once implemented, glyphs could interact with all friendly minions. Thus further diversifying deck synergies for feca to work with more races than just scaraleafs. It's a win/win

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