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so about the booster packs

By Lifewill#3077 July 01, 2018, 08:35:56

in the update you said" We also took the opportunity to adjust the number of fragments in each pack so that no pack is more beneficial than another!"
could you please be more precise with this.

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They probably mean that the amount of dust you can gain from a pack is bound to how much gold you pay for that pack.

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thats why hoarding silver is whats cool nowadays. 

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^ yep.

I think the theory is they have adjusted the drop rate of cards (and the price of silver packs) so that each of the basic set packs (bronze, silver, gold) has an average expected dust value from recycling to price ratio.

Average dust from bronze pack/60 kamas = average dust from silver pack/150 kamas = average dust from gold pack/300 kamas.

Previously, bronze packs were better for dust than silver or gold, unless I am mistaken.

The new system is probably partially intended to make people feel better about buying more expensive packs, which is good since kamas are about to become a lot less useful for other things.

Since silver packs are about to get an increase in price, buying silver packs before the patch is going to result in a dust profit of about 30 kamas worth of dust (whatever that means) per pack after the patch.

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also, the silvers become way better for people with an incomplete collection. YOu are adding all the classical krosfinites to the pool, reducing the chance of getting  duplicates if you dont have them. 

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