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buffs nerfs and rebalances that we need

By Lifewill#3077 June 27, 2018, 11:36:27

vampyro(all 3 levels) need a nerf because if you bringing him back to your hand with arachnees the cost of the cards in your deck is reduced a lot

mushd is the most underpowered card in the entire game nobody uses his definitely needs a buff,i wrote a thread some months ago with many sugestions about how to buff it.

destructive arrow should cost 7 ap to play

explosive arrow should either deal 2-3 damage or cost 5-6 ap

new wave should not have a permanent effect,nerf it now.

sram is the only god that does not have a minion that costs one ap so i believe that you should re-balance sufod.
maybe change his ability.or at least bring him back to how he used to be where he costed 0 ap and you had to ban 1 card from your discard pile.

shin larva needs a buff,nobody uses this card,larva's are good cards but i don't see how giving them 1 attack and allowing them to charge 1 cell can belefit them.their attack is low so 1 attack is not much and they have 2 movement so 1 charge does not benefit them at all.
shin larva should either be rare instead of krosmic or it should have some more benefitial effect.
the chaffer king has an effect that can fits the playstyle of the other chaffers,why shin larva does not do the same with the other larva's?
i reccomend it to give 2 mp to the other larvas 3 ar and 2 at.

die alright needs either a nerf or a rebalance,it should be krosmic.destroying an entire army of enemy minions 3 times in a row is too much power.

rapid fire should cost 6 ap

also some cra minions should give to their opponent a card that allows to one of their minions to charge

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The only decks that use bouncing vampyro with arachnees as a strategy that I have ever seen are infinigrinder decks.
The tempo loss from doing that is enormous, and quite often fatal against any deck that is even slightly aggressive.
You should not be having trouble beating infinigrinder decks, even if you can't stop them from comboing, since they don't typically have any win condition at all. Putting in a win condition makes them sub-optimal for grinding.

Mushd... is pretty terrible, yeah.

Compare a vanilla "destroy a minion" card like destructive arrow to some other gods' removal krosmics:

-Lightspeed: Swap minion positions. If you are willing to/have already given up a dofus, that not only probably removes a minion without triggering death effects, it also lets you put a minion directly in front of an enemy dofus at the same time.

-Devotion: Transform a minion into an allied 2/2 that gives you AP when damaged, thus both removing a minion without triggering death effects and likely severely harming an enemy dofus.

-Transformatosis: Transform a minion into an allied 2/1 without triggering death effects. The healing factor it provides is rarely relevant, but still potentially valid.

Seduction is too expensive to really make a decent comparison here, but the straight-up minion hijack is hard to deny as vastly superior to just killing a minion.

-Knowledge of dolls: Transform a minion into a seed without triggering death effects. You can now combo your cards with that seed. That includes turning the seed into minions. If you fail to combo, it will still probably take a bite out of an enemy that your opponent plays on that cell.

-Death glyph: Hard to make the comparison due to target side restriction and area of effect, but it's still hard removal with a glyph addition.

-Hand of midas: Transform a minion into allied loot without triggering death effects, which you can potentially pick up or combo with. If you use it awkwardly, your opponent may get the loot, but that's probably your fault.

Destructive arrow has the weakest effect of all the hard removal krosmics, both triggering death effects and giving you no additional advantage besides the kill. It makes sense that it would only cost 5.

The arguments I have for why your explosive arrow change is bad are mostly subjective, so I'll save them, apart from saying that I think cra needs explosive arrow to work like it does, because cra is not as strong as you think, and losing her best non-krosmic removal spell would be a severe blow.

I have mixed feelings on new wave.  It probably does need a nerf.

Sram could probably use a low cost early drop in order to help kickstart graveyard synergies. I use blue larva for this. It works fine.  Old Sufod did not do this. I remain stunned at the fact that your posts imply you were getting serious use out of old Sufod. I do not understand how you get value out of that card. The graveyard restriction means in order to play it early, you have to have spent another self-mill card, and all you get for your trouble is a 2/2/3. That's barely worth a card by itself at all. It trades or loses to just about any possible card your opponent will play, and gets you next to nothing on either offense or defense. Practically any buff or removal spell punches any minion through sufod, and buffed sufod can only punch through small minions. Sram doesn't have much buff to begin with.

Shin larva is basically Taur as it currently stands. Larva are not an archetype, because very few of them are useful, and they have no synergies. Fixing that problem either requires Shin larva to be somehow very powerful on its own, or some kind of broad buff to larva in general (the cards, not shin larva's effect on them). Making it rare wouldn't be a problem, other than outmoding Taur entirely. I don't know what Krosmaga's opinion is on "strictly better" cards.

...With regards to your opinion on die alright, combined with your dislike of cra and your dumbfounding appreciation for old sufod, I'm beginning to get the impression that your favorite style is very, very, VERY aggro. If you aren't doing that, die alright isn't usually a full board wipe. Sometimes it is, sometimes it isn't and it just straight up costs your opponent the game when they effectively lose a turn and barely influence the board. It's... "balanced" in the same way the rest of ecaflip's RNG is balanced.

I have literally never seen anyone play rapid fire outside of draft. At least, not in recent memory. Cra doesn't need it for anything. It's not useless, but relying on your own minion positions and attack stats to kill an opponent is just inherently more finicky than regular removal, of which Cra already has plenty. Making it cost 6 is silly, when most of the time, all it can do is ~3 damage to a minion that was already in range of one of your ranged minions. There are other, non-cra classes that might appreciate it more, but they don't have it, so it's not relevant. 

...With regards to your last suggestion, you are aware that there's a reason the only card in the game that gives a charge card to any class is a 3-star infinite, and it is run in a high percentage of decks, right? I think... you need to reevaluate your anti-cra tactics, if they are making you this frustrated. It's possible that you just run infeasible aggressive decks, and maybe cra just hard-counters those. I don't run serious aggro, so I don't know.

You know what is getting altered though, according to what I've heard? Maskemane 3-star.
That... is something I'm very, very on board with.

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if the destructive arrow was a card in the deck of any other god i would not complain at all about it.but since it is in cra's deck and she is already unbalanced it needs a nerf.
sometimes in gaming what matters is not the card/weapon it is who uses it.
like the panic attack in team fortress 2 before the jungle inferno update,it was useless for the soldier dissapointing for the heavy meh for the pyro and good for the engineer.
(after the jungle inferno update it is just as dissapointing to all 4 of them)

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+Vampyro 3* getting bounced back by arachnee is already costly and far too slow; value isn't there. 

+Mushd is a garbage card only ever rarely seen in Sacrier decks.

+Destructive arrow 5-mana is actually fair due to the other Krosmics with just as much power (limited to 7). It can also be countered with Master Joris or Untargetable.

+Explosive arrow should cost 5 since B.Wabbit deals 2 with a 3/4 body.

+New wave is a strong card; almost a staple card in all Feca decks, but if you increase the mana cost; it's unusable because it's too slow for ramp. If you turn it into Greed (3-mana Enutrof card), it would be even stronger.

+0-Mana Sufod allows Sram mill even harder than he already does.

+Nobody runs a Larvae deck. We only use Larvae cards as Tech cards; green for aggro play and blue for aggro/mill plays.

+Die Alright is perfectly balanced in a sense that you need Meows to lower the cost; and if you roll less than 3; you just spent 10-mana for almost nothing. If you roll 3 or higher, you regain board control. Might as well nerf 7-mana Golden Pig again.

+I don't know if Rapid Fire even sees any gameplay; the card in itself isn't worth triggering an attack unless you're using it on an already buffed up Elite Scout or Emma Zone. I would only run a singleton Rapid Fire, but I would rather have Lynx Eye.

Personally, the cards that I feel that need tweaks are:
-T3 Psychopath Maskemane; this is the card the gets bounced back the most with Arachnee and there's no counterplay.

-T3 Marline is a staple infinite card in any deck; Marline is a counter to majority of the cards.

-Soothing Hero should be 7-mana or lowered base stats; Boowolf Enripsa is rampant on ladder because cards like Echo, Asprogik, Full Moon, and Soothing Hero. Only counterplay to Boowolves is by using single-target removal spells.

-I also believe Desynchro should be tweaked to spend AP reserve to deal X much damage (like Nox). This forces players to use more Mummy-type cards or actually run 3x Frostbite. This card is incredibly strong by itself. 

-Lastly, Haven Bag is unequivocally strong. This card not only stacks with 1-Mana Lucky Find; but it also counts the enemy Loot Bags to deal damage to Dofus. Every time I face a dopple Enutrof; the winner is the person who pulls Haven Bag first.   


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