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why you are not treating cra the same way you treated sacrier some months ago?

By Lifewill#3077 June 23, 2018, 20:20:29

i remember several moths ago you gave to sacrier a lot's of nerfs and you said that it was because she was the most played goddess and she was unbalanced.

why you are not doing the same with cra?lately the ammount of people who play her has increased.
about 40-70%of all the people i meet every day this week play cra,in many cases i give up the moment the match starts.

it is not easy to counter her.not only she has a shitload of spells that cause damage but she can also use minions like the black wabbit to deal damage.
explosive arrow should either deal less damage or cost more than that.
and destructive arrow should totally cost more.5 mp is way too low.
some of her minions should have less range.

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Sacrier was dominating the top of the ladder, and I believe also the tournament scene, with aggro so powerful it was basically unmatched.
Cra is not doing that at the moment.

Your Cra statistics are very different from mine. I've been ranking up between 20 and 25 (am currently rank 25 as of this post). I think I have fought 3 or 4 Cra during that period. I believe I lost to only one, because I hit their Yugo infinite 4 separate times, and they drew 4 3-star brotherhood of the tofu synergy cards without milling any.

I mainly run Sacrier midrange. It might be a particularly bad matchup for Cra, but my other decks that I was trying out less often (Iop decks of different archetypes, Sram self-mill aggro/midrange) had no particular trouble with Cra either.

None of the players I got paired up against during this time who were in ranks 27 and higher were playing Cra, nor were any of the players with emblems showing top 100 (occasionally higher) from previous seasons running Cra. One person with a veteran emblem was.

I don't think Ankama does nerfs based on low-ladder statistics or unranked statistics, if that's where all the Cra are currently playing. (I don't remember seeing excessive amounts of cra in unranked last time I was doing serious play there.)

She's not one of the weakest gods, and she probably does have a place in some serious tournament lineups, but she is in no way dominant in the meta.

It is possible that cra is unusually oppressive for players with bad collections to have to fight against. It wasn't like that when I first started playing, but cra's necros&paladirs cards gave her more versatility than she used to have, with brotherhood of oropo also giving her useful tools, and by those points I already had a good collection.

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Cra has the lowest WR

Fracastador|2018-06-27 21:04:21
The numbers from April paint her in a better light, but she still has a sub 50% win rate then. April comprises the most recent numbers I've seen.

Yeah, 50% WR seems about right; maybe less. I can only assume a good number of players don't know placement order especially with Cra ranged minions. Plain and simple, there isn't enough information on this game at all. The French players seem to be okay but NA players don't have enough resources other than the Discord server. We need a new update like Oropo so players will return to Krosmaga.   
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The numbers from April paint her in a better light, but she still has a sub 50% win rate then. April comprises the most recent numbers I've seen.

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I don't see a problem with Cra either and I don't think sacrier is too weak, and I literally never played anything else than sacrier. I play midrange/control sacrier mostly. Cra is just about placement and playing your minions at the right time.

As you see Sacrier pedestal with 500 overall wins.
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