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Amalia and Coqueline

By June 17, 2018, 05:55:10

I'm coming to Krosmaga from Hearthstone.  

Just confused about how is 3 AP for 5/6 stats and heal 1 hp balanced on Amalia?  After seeing this in a pack I was shocked that I haven't notice this card existing (I've not seen many people play her). Any time I play her turn 3 I usually win in the Iop deck because I also get to pressure 2 lanes.

Then I also have Coqueline at 2** to draw Amalia and get a 4/3 body. Usually I play 1 AP minion turn 1 then if I have Coqueline I play on T3 to fish out Amalia or a green larva. (Sometimes I try the deck with just Amalia for 3 AP cards) 

My thoughts if I were do design this game would probably be to change Amalia to "Summon an inflatable doll if an allied Coqueline is in play". Also, Amalia probably should have "Brotherhood" since it is in her tag but no 'ability' seems to evoke it until Amalia 3***... Unlike Yugo, who summons brothers and Percedal who gains first strike. 

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There are 2 separate brotherhoods.
One is brotherhood of the tofu, of which Amalia is a member.
The other is brotherhood of Oropo, which includes Coqueline. 
Brotherhood as a mechanic is from the brotherhood of Oropo. (Awkward, perhaps, but that's the way it is) 

I think having some members of the brotherhoods that don't rely on family synergies is a good thing from a design perspective, honestly, but that's just personal preference.

Amalia-1-star is hugely efficient for her cost, and is one of the better 1-star infinites in general, but you'll find the utility of other infinites you get along the way will often still lead to you wanting them more than Amalia. (She may still be a good choice for extreme aggro decks, but those aren't usually very viable in krosmaga).
Small minions are sometimes a bit dangerous to have in the late game, even if they're cost efficient, because they can get you trapped if your opponent plays a large, mobile minion and you end up not having enough time to kill it. Putting 2 small minions into play at once isn't always the best choice in the late game. Even without the "pinning" problem, Amalia gives you very little useful defense against enemy attacks, since her stats are divided up between 2 rows and won't stop an oncoming large minion very well. Popular low cost minions in the current meta are often 3/4 in stats, which would punch though either Amalia or her doll.

You will find you will normally be happy playing amalia anyway, but I wouldn't say she's broken. The first infinite that confused me with value when I started playing was Remington-2star (He reminded me a little bit of a miniature Dr. Boom from hearthstone.  Just a little.), but I learned later that he's not as good as he first appears. Still very good, but there are better infinites.

Tempo works differently in krosmaga than it does in hearthstone, mostly because of the move stat and the cells between your "life totals" and your opponent's life totals. You'll get the hang of it.

For the moment, it sounds like you are making good use of the infinites you have anyway. That'll work great against low rank opponents, but when you get higher up people will easily be able to handle that trick a good percentage of the time. (Pretty much everybody has occasional bad opening hands that make them vulnerable to aggro, but that happens rarely to well designed decks.)

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