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sram needs buffs

By Lifewill#3077 June 06, 2018, 08:47:38

don't get me wrong.i am not saying that sram sucks and that i can't win with him.he does not suck.
but he still needs buffs because he is too balanced.

after the it's a trap update he became the only god in the game without a level 1 minion.
he used to have sufod wich costed 1 card from the discard pile instead of 1 ap,not he does not have any level 1 minions.

also take a look at his crosmic cards and compare them to the crosmic cards of the other gods.
if you try to use sanction and you don't have 3 ap in your reserve then you have to wait for a turn so you can play a course.
kris krass is powerfull but he is not too broken.
the same goes for baron sramedi.
eternal rest is good i guess
and army of shadows is also good.
treacherous heroine is the only crosmic card in his arsenal that is remotely broken.

now compare them to the crosmic cards of the other gods.
for example xelor.
xelor has  card that destroys a dofus
a card that turns a minion to mummy
a card that makes his minions charge and more.
if he plays a crosmic you are screwd.

the same goes for ecaflip.with exception the feline hero,you are scred if he plays the rest of his crosmic cards.

please buff him.


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I don't think sram need any buffs or nerfs atm. He's balanced really well because he have his 1ap Charge and a lot of spells that can make target deleted without any chance . The only thing you need to do is practice , Sram have a lot of potential but you need to discover it 

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I take it you've never come across people recycling combos with second wind, like devious+protoflex?

Sram's krosmics aren't particularly impressive by comparison to something like xelor's devotion, but Sram is a combo god, and he is very good at what he does. Also, Xelor only has one devotion in his deck. Just one. A significant chunk of the time, you'll never even see that card played during a game, because it just doesn't get drawn. The same goes for most krosmics.

The two biggest complaints I used to hear about Sram (and he has not been nerfed since then) were: "What the heck, he removed all my minions. How was I supposed to do anything there?"
"I hate mill Sram so much."

The latter is just people disliking one of his play-styles, which I don't think is actually a serious problem for the metagame at the moment.

The former is a showcase of one of the things that Sram is best at: removing pretty much any minion with combos.

And I seriously have to ask if you've ever actually played the original sufod. A 2/2/3 that can only be played under certain conditions that tend only to arise several turns after the game begins is barely worth a card, even at 0 AP. I'm on the fence about his new variation, since he's still rarely useful in the early-game.

My understanding of Sram's standing overall is that he's regarded as one of the better gods, though also one of the most difficult to use effectively.

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At the moment I've been playing the Sram God for a while now and I have to say the latest update did help bring them up to a decent standard, but some improvements can be made. For example the creators of this game want us to use traps as much as possible.

If this is the case I think adding in two new minion or spell type cards will help with this.


1st type) A minion or spell that pulls one trap from the deck and puts it in your hand. This style of card can be a rare type and have a cost of 5 or 6 Ap so it can't be overplayed in one turn. If this was a minion. its stats be AT 3 HP 3. So its not to annoying to fight.

2nd type) A minion or spell that takes a trap card from your graveyard and puts it in your hand or deck.
I like this style of card to be rare type, but it probably be a Krosmic type card with a cost of 4 or 5 and if it's a minion it's stats would be AT 4 HP 4.

I like some opinions on this, what improvements would make this a cool card for the Sram God and what do you all think of the idea of cards like this?

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I may be misreading it, your 1st type already exists. That's literally funeral initiate, and the version you describe is the unbuffed version. The most recent update turned it from that into a 3/3 for 4 that also decreases the costs of the traps it adds to your hand. It's also a necro.

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Having now actually seen April's statistics, Sram does appear to need a bit of a boost, though perhaps not as much as Enutrof. Sram, however, HAS gotten a boost, as it just got several card buffs. 
We'll see how that works out. I haven't gotten up into the high enough ranks yet this month to see what Sram can or cannot handle, or how helpful his new tools are.

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Honestly the Wabbit Sram combos I've been seeing lately leave little space for counterplay, whenever there aren't traps cleaning the field or hitting all the dofuses with 1turn to go, the leave 1HP + wabbit damage is bugging you.

Their set back is it takes a bit of luck on your hand to haver synergy on the cards, but Sram has a pretty good change hand card that puts him in a decent place.

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I tried to leverage that card to make a less toxic infinigrider deck for Sram that could still hold its own in combat.

It didn't work though. It just ended up bad at everything.

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