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cra should not have this many damage dealing spells

By Lifewill#3077 May 30, 2018, 08:32:04

cra and feca are the most broken godesses in the game.

even if you summon a minion powerfull enough to destory her minions,her spells that deal damage from distance will destroy your minion.
she has way too many of them.give her less

there are not many ways to counter cra's cards.
iop has charge,xelor and ecaflip have cards that deal damage and i guess feca has shields and armors,but the rest of the gods can't do much against her.

sram has minions that teleport,but this is not technically a counter since it does not destroy her minions.

eniripsa has nothing,sacrier can make her minions stronger but they can still die,enutrof has transdrelzerker but it is not like it can help him much,sadida can use seeds and he can turn them into dolls,wich is usefull in some cases and not so usefull in some other cases.

cra's minions should have 1-2 range and then we should be able to increase the range with some other way.

why 3 downvotes?

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I've been a bit out of the loop on how the previous several rounds of card changes and additions have impacted the game, but my recollection of why Sram is decent against Cra is due to the very high health of his minions to the very low overall statline of most cra ones, as well as his own very efficient means of removing enemies. Cra is comparatively vulnerable to removal herself. Sram used to be considered the premier anti-cra god, and it doesn't look like the cards that have been added or modified in the intervening time period would have changed that.

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he is not terrible against cra,but if she starts bombarding his minions with spells and black wabbits his minions don't stand a chance.

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Still most people only play 3x explosive and destructive. lul

I really don't think the problem is with the spells, it's the ranged units, if a cra manages to build field presence then you're pretty much screwed, almost everything you place in front of a ranged minion is going to die as she builds card advantage by using just a few answers/turn while the opponent quickly burns all their ressources while struggling to protect their dofus.

Also, I think that sram's best answer is his board clearing mechanich.

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I agree, that if u are even at a slight disadvantage against cra, she can build of that, while you have no possibility to comeback... usually, if the cra player doesn´t do any major mistakes.
But well i also like to play her sometimes, haha. Well, basically you can´t let her build her field, otherwise R.I.P.

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Enripsa has nothing? Omg.

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The problem you're having is that both those classes are very opressive.

I myself have been hating Cra since the beginning for that reason, even when you put down a minion with 8 health, the Cra can just put down wabbits, use the spells and because of Summon Sickness, you'll be hit by the ranged minion, which most of the time is *just* enough to finish off your expensive 8 health minion and leave you without much else to put.

Of course, Cra has it's weaknesses, but honestly, some of her skills should be limited to hit only minions in her side of the field and/or only minions on the opposing side. So that you're not left summoning minion after minion for 5 turns straight to have all of them destroyed while she also puts down minions on the sides, as well as being able to destroy anything that gets near her.

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Cra damage spells can be very annoying to deal with as they can add up pretty quick. Most times to counter this I have to give up a dofus or two and try to get the Cra player to use up those high damage spells early. Even with silence abilities they can still knock you out with a silenced minion even if it loses too or just use another damage spell. I agree with Lifewill's suggestion. It's not a terrible one and would make it slightly easier to get at the Cra minion. Another action that can be taken would be a 1-2 AP cost add on for the high damage spells. This would make the choice to play it more difficult since the player would have to choose between playing the spell or another powerful archer minion to counter another row.

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My problem with Cra is that it consists in two key strategies, and it gets broken because it uses both:

Swarm & Removal.

The problem is that one covers the other weakness.

Usually SWARM usually involves high synergy between monsters, which is Cras do have. This is countered with them being glass cannons, which cras generally are, but as most fights cras usually have an advantage because opponents have to reach them, removal is the key.

Bow Meow decks are the best proof of this, they focus on swarm, yes, they can grow big and unstoppable, but it takes work, and the opponent has many chances of countering that. Ecaflip does have removal, but when it may or not give the opponent what he wants with the removal until he plays more expensive cards.

Proof: In no-cra decks, how are remington, Eva and Cleofe usually killed?

Now, REMOVAL usually makes you lack monsters, you can clean the field and not make up for it. Arguably before necros, Xelor tended to be like that, most people I faced would focus mostly on removal and monsters would come as a second place.

NOW THIS IS WHY I HATE CRAS, and why even when you defeat them you feel unsatisfied as hell:

Tell me how many times you've faced those scenarios, just for fun, btw.

It is beginning of the game, Cra summoned a monster first, usually legolas, you summoned after it so it can't reach you before you can. Perhaps you even used the 1AP reserve you had for that 4AP and  4HP monster that can tank 1 hit from legolas in the worst case scenario.... you pass the turn and... BAM, 4AP card that does 4 damage, lane is clean, whatever you put there next will suffer one attack first unless it charges hard enough.

Removal puts cra on a big advantage on the beginning, then swarm comes, and if you're finally being able  to counter the swarm with something and catching up, removal comes back and comes back hard, sometimes weakening everyone and pushing them away and all you can say is...:


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You make an excellent point. It's very well worded and really gets to your point. Very nicely done.

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